Mohave Launches Screen Protectors For Branded Mobile Phones

Mohave Launches Screen Protectors For Branded Mobile Phones
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The brand provides screen protectors for iPhone and Samsung mobiles and smartwatches.

August 16th, 2022 – China – Mohave has introduced a variety of screen protectors, an auto-align screen protector box, camera lens protectors, and armor screen protectors for smartwatches. Consumers may now purchase the screen protector designed to safeguard their gadgets from scratches.

The spokesperson at Mohave stated, “One may question if a smartphone with Corning Gorilla Glass actually needs a screen protector. Yes, you still need the best glass screen protector, especially if you don’t want to permanently harm your smartphone, since most tempered glasses, give superior protection against cracking as opposed to everyday scratches.”

The company asserts that the screen protector is manufactured from a highly sensitive material that protects smartphones from scratches, dust, and scrapes. In addition, it has been proven to function with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

When it comes to screen protectors manufactured by Mohave, the firm would have assured the design and development of a screen protector that does not interfere with the touch sensitivity or ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Therefore, it is advisable to apply a Mohave screen protector on any phone, including those with ultrasonic fingerprint sensors.

Some of the key features of the screen protectors from Mohave include:

EZ Fit Glass Protector: Installation made simple, this is the most innovative phone screen protector available.

Auto-Align Protector Box: Mohave has unique automatic screen alignment and bubble-free installation.

Support Fingerprint: Perfectly compatible with Samsung UltraSonic scanner.

Mohave also includes an application tool with the screen protector, which makes it easy to align the protective cover with the phone and install it without trouble. Stickers are also included in the packaging to assist remove dust off the screen, which would otherwise cause bubbles and an uneven installation.

About Mohave Screen Protectors

Mohave screen protector is one of China’s major tempered glass screen protector manufacturers and suppliers specializing in screen protector research, development, and production.

With a dedicated Research & Development team, production sales, and service system, they are also continually exploring innovative ways to deliver a one-stop purchasing/shopping experience. A customer service staff that always listens to and addresses the demands and difficulties of consumers. Their team specializes in manufacturing mobile phones and smartwatch screen coverings.

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