BIGNARDI is Introducing its Comfortable Suspension Noise Cancelling Headset Perfect for Gamers

BIGNARDI, a global music technology company focusing on developing instruments that over-deliver on tone, value and innovation, is announcing its branded BIGNARDI Comfortable Suspension Headset.

The global earphones and headphones market size was valued at USD 25.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.3% from 2020 to 2027. Rising consumer preference for enhanced audio experience, growing music industry, coupled with mobile technology and internet penetration, are some of the primary factors driving the market. BIGNARDI is at the forefront of this growth with its impeccable audio headsets.

Simplified for the layman, a headphone suspension system includes a headband assembly, a first earcup and a first suspension assembly elastically coupling the first earcup to a first end of the headband assembly. The suspension design separates the earmuff on the ears and the earmuff on the head. Combined with the ear and head position structure, using the drop design of the inner and outer ear cups, BIGNARDI can wrap the ear while effectively sharing the pressure around the ear.

After a decade of research on musical instruments, the BIGNARDI Comfortable Suspension Headset will continue to bring exceptional sound experience to global music lovers. Inspired by the sporty, unique and exclusive Maybach wheels, BIGNARDI greatly satisfies the cool design of being a gaming headset, allowing one to experience more immersive gaming.

BIGNARDI unleashed its full creativity and ingenuity on the Comfortable Suspension Headset. Some features of the product are inclusive of:

    • Suspended ear design

    • Luxury Car Design

    • Long wear without stuffiness

    • Virtual 7.1 surround sound

    • Superior sound quality

    • Help its user judge the direction of the sound

    • Noise-canceling microphone

    • Compatible with Type-C Adaptor

Speaking about the product, Henry Liu, CEO of BIGNARDI said: ”because of its turbo cutout design, our headphone has excellent heat dissipation and is extremely lightweight. We designed it with a turbo skeleton to improve airflow around the ears, so it won’t let your ears be stuffy when worn for a long time. At the same time, the skeleton design optimizes the design and greatly reduces the material, effectively reducing the weight of the BIGNARDI.”

One of the prominent features of the BIGNARDI headset is its high-quality unidirectional microphone, which only picks up the sound in the direction of the voice, and can effectively ignore other noises and echoes. It is the most suitable microphone for use in noisy environments. High-quality unidirectional microphones can make the game voice communication clearer.

BIGNARDI is a Chinese-based firm with a collection of elites in the field of audio. Founder Henry is a senior audio engineer, senior tuner, and former chief engineer of Tcl and Philips acoustics. He’s been a stalwart in the audio industry for 22 years. Steven Yip, the company’s chief designer has been a designer for 15 years, working in companies such as Tcl and Cosmo. ”We are such a mature team, the goal is to make good products, this time we are honored to be able to show our products to you on Kickstarter!” said Henry.

To have an in-depth look at the BIGNARDI Comfortable Suspension Headset, checkout the company’s page on Kickstarter.

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