The utilization rate of LCD panel production lines in mainland China fell to 75.6% in June, down nearly 20 percentage points year-on-year

According to CINNO Research’s monthly panel factory commissioning survey data,in June 2022, the average utilization rate of domestic LCD panel factories was 75.6%, down 9.3 percentage points from May and nearly 20 percentage points from June 2021. Among them, the average utilization rate of low-generation lines (G4.5~G6) was 74.5%, down 1.9 percentage points from May; the average utilization rate of high-generation lines (G8~G11) was 75.7%, down from May 10.2 percentage points, of which the average utilization rate of the G10.5/11 high-generation line was 81.7%.


Due to the cold global economy and sluggish consumption, various electronic product terminal brands have increased their destocking efforts since the second quarter, successively revised down their 2022 shipment targets and panel procurement targets, and even stopped pulling goods to digest channel inventory. The operating pressure of various panel factories has increased sharply. Since June, all panel factories around the world have carried out more substantial reductions in production. In terms of production area, domestic TFT-LCD panel, production lines were put into production in June, a drop of 14% compared to May.The average utilization rate of domestic AMOLED panel factories in June was 37.1%, down 4.3 percentage points from May. The average utilization rate of the G6 AMOLED production line was only 33.1%. Affected by the reduction of orders for mobile phone brands, the utilization rate of AMOLED production lines hit a three-year low.

1. BOE BOE: The average utilization rate of TFT-LCD production lines fell to 74% in June, a decrease of 10 percentage points compared to May; in terms of production area, a decrease of 14% compared to May. Among them, G8.5/ 8.6 production lines have the largest reduction in the production of large plates. The June utilization rate of BOE AMOLED production lines is still in a sluggish state.

2. TCL Huaxing: The overall utilization rate of TFT-LCD production lines in June was about 84%, which was 9 percentage points lower than that in May.The overall utilization rate of Huaxing was higher than the global and domestic average levels. In June, Huaxing’s t1,t2, and t3 production lines still maintained high utilization rates, and the main production reduction was concentrated in the two G10.5 production lines and the Suzhou G8.5 production line. The utilization rate of Huaxing AMOLED t4 production line hit a new low in June.

3. The average utilization rate of Huike TFT-LCD production line in June was 63%, which was significantly lower than that in May by 20 percentage points. Huike’s Mianyang Plant and Changsha Plant had the largest adjustment in the number of production runs, and the utilization rate was less than 50%.

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