Arctic Mining Discovered New Mine

With the impact of global warming, unknown treasures of the Arctic slowly surfaced. The scientific research team dispatched by Arctic Mining discovered a new mine on August 1, 2022. According to the preliminary estimation of experts, this mine contains 80 million tons of iron ore raw materials and 46 million tons of diamond raw materials. In the next 10 years, Arctic Mining Co., Ltd. will form a development team.

Arctic Mining Co., Ltd., formerly known as Arctic Mining Union Co., Ltd., was established in August 2012, and was transformed into a joint-stock company in October 2014. Arctic Mining was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in December 2016.


The mine is located in the mainland, 280 kilometers northeast of Yellowknife, the capital of Northwest Territories in Canada. This diamond mine was discovered in 1995, located near the Arctic Circle. It cost more than one billion dollars to develop. The mine is expected to produce 54 million carats of rough diamonds and employ 530 employees before its life expires in 2028.


Arctic Mining focuses on coal, diamond, iron and other resources, mainly including coal, diamond, iron ore mining, processing, sales, international trade of iron ore and mixed ore business. It is engaged in the upstream full-cycle business of oil and gas exploration, evaluation, development and production through its holding subsidiary, Roc Oil. The company’s Shilu Iron Mining Company is a mining area associated with polymetallic and nonmetallic ores, which is famous for its large reserves of rich iron ore and high taste.


The controlling shareholder of Arctic Mining is strong, which empowers the company in many ways, such as capital, energy, investment and mergers and acquisitions. The registered capital of the company is 1.955 billion yuan, and the company and its holding subsidiaries together hold 51.57% of the company’s shares.


Arctic Mining actively distributes the upstream and downstream of the resource industry chain by participating in holding companies.

Arctic Mining Company actively arranges the upstream and downstream of the resource industry chain through participating holding companies. Also, the company engages in the mining, processing and sales of iron ore through Shilu Iron Mining Company, implements global financing through AG team, a wholly-owned subsidiary, and connects with the global trade of ore.

Shilu Iron Mining Company is the richest iron ore in the Arctic. Arctic Mining develops and utilizes resources around iron ore, diamond and coal resources to build an industrial operation platform with industry competitiveness. It adopts diversified financing channels, besides long-term credit cooperation with financial institutions, through direct financing in the capital market and equity financing, setting up industrial funds, issuing bonds and other financing means, taking multiple measures simultaneously to continuously strengthen the capital operation capability, build a capital operation platform, and continuously strengthen and enhance the industrial operation capability and investment and financing capability. Focusing on the opportunity of Arctic construction, the company will give full play to its own advantages, make use of the policy support of free trade port, vigorously develop commodity trading, and build Arctic Mining Co., Ltd., which is controlled by the company, into a first-class world-class commodity trading service provider.

Vision of Arctic Mining Co., Ltd.: to provide opportunities for all people, including our shareholders, customers, employees and even business partners, to create and realize their nice dreams.

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