Travel Club Alfa Proxima Initiates First Wave of its Alien-themed NFT Mint

The team behind the NFT club are creating a community for travelers and adventurers that leverages web3 to provide member benefits that are out of this world


Alfa Proxima Offshore Club (APOC) – the NFT travel club on a mission to build the largest group of adventure seekers and travelers in web3 – is pleased to announce that the first wave of their alien invasion-themed mint will take place on August 18, 2022 the APOC website. As part of a six-phase rollout, the initial mint will be for 1,111 tokens available to purchase at a value of 0.45 ETH each. 

The token will grant its holder access to a host of travel-related benefits, including vacation property ownership, travel rewards, and access to exclusive clothing and merchandise drops. The APOC NFT collection will be made up of algorithmically-generated alien profile pictures, combining traits across categories such as background, clothing, and language spoken. Randomly distributed rarity traits will unlock extra special travel perks and will determine the teams in future Survivor-style competitions.


For those interested in joining APOC, the initial mint event is the best time to do so as the price per token will substantially increase with each subsequent wave. This is to reflect the rising value the club will provide its members as it grows. By the end of the 6th wave there will be a total of 45,000 APOC tokens – a large volume compared to some NFT projects, but one that the APOC team believes will accommodate their astronomical plans for the future of the community.

Rather than creating a roadmap, the APOC team are staying on theme with a “Starmap” for future developments. One of the first new features to come after the mint will be a “teleportation drop”, which will see an APOC member granted a roundtrip ticket to the destination of their choice every 90 days. 

“With the Alfa Proxima Offshore Club, we are creating a true bridge from the travel industry to a web3-powered experience,” said Truxion, the founder of Alfa Proxima. “We aim to embody the spirit and culture of web3 and are always open to collaborating with brands or organizations as we grow our community.” To learn more about Alfa Proxima, or to take part in the wave one invasion, click here

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