Thonic launches official presale – a limited number of spots on the Whitelist remain

Thonic, the audited platform that gives you access to financial grade research on alt coins, has officially launched its presale. A limited number of spots on the Whitelist are still available.Toronto – Thonic, the cryptocurrency that helps guide holders’ digital market investments, prepares to launch its presale as the team completes the next milestone on their roadmap.

The Whitelist, which opened in spring 2022 still has a limited number of spots available and interested investors can visit the following website to sign up: “We are excited to launch our token during our presale event. After completing our audit and KYC certification, this is another important step on our roadmap.” says Demetri Mihalakakos, COO. Later this year, Thonic will be launching the first financial platform aimed at helping people make wiser and safer crypto investment decisions. Financial analysts will evaluate alt coins by first researching their projects and then subjecting them to a rigorous test before finally assigning them a score. 

Born out of a desire to help people avoid falling for scams and in response to the countless headlines announcing major and minor coin crashes, Thonic’s platform will be free of charge to token holders. “With our offering, we aim to take the gamble out of alt coin investing”, says David Jenkins, CMO at Thonic. Thonic’s token is launching now and has the added benefit of rewarding analysts and users for their patronage in the form of passive income.

About Thonic

Thonic is the first cryptocurrency to give its holders access to financial grade reporting on community voted alt coins. Founded by a group of professionals specializing in computer science, securities investments, marketing and running successful businesses, Thonic’s main goal is to make investing in digital markets accessible to the general public.The whitelist sign up and our “How to invest” guide can be found here:

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