Atlanta Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowner Remove a Dying Tree to Improve Safety


Atlanta, Georgia – When Atlanta Tree Service Experts was invited to Kingsley’s landscape for a tree trimming procedure, the company ended up handling more than just the aesthetic appeal improvement procedure. According to Kingsley, the company noticed a tree on the landscape that would be dead in a few weeks. The company reportedly decided to handle the tree removal procedure to improve safety.


“The family has always worked hard to ensure the landscape is looking good at all times,” said Kingsley when talking to a group of reporters. “This is the reason the family had Atlanta Tree Service Experts on the landscape yesterday—the team was handling a tree trimming procedure on some of the family’s oldest trees. However, unfortunately, the family had a dying tree that no one had noticed.”

The homeowner noted that when Atlanta Tree Service Experts pointed out the dying tree, he understood. The tree had reportedly been on the landscape for more than 200 years.

“This landscape has never exchanged hands,” said Kingsley when explaining how he knew the age of the tree. “The landscape has always been passed down to family members. According to the great grandfather, the tree was mature by the time he was becoming an adult. This meant that the tree had been on the landscape for 2 generations. When a tree remains alive for 2 generations, its lifespan may reach the end—this is exactly what happened to the tree that Atlanta Tree Service Experts had to remove yesterday.”

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Atlanta Tree Service Experts reportedly explained to Kingsley that keeping the tree on the landscape would create a significant risk with time. According to the homeowner, the team mentioned that keeping the tree would allow it to die, start decaying on the inside, and wind could easily break it.

“The tree was more than 100 feet tall,” said Kingsley. “It was also standing about 10 feet from the house, 5 feet from the swimming pool, and about 7 feet from the car garage. In every direction, the tree was surrounded by utilities that could suffer extreme damage if the tree broke unexpectedly.”

The homeowner reportedly did not argue with Atlanta Tree Service Experts after the team pointed out that tree removal was necessary. The team pointed out signs that were extremely visible to the homeowner.

“The family was not short in cash and could afford to pay for the tree removal as well as the tree trimming procedure,” said Kingsley. “For this reason, the company just went ahead and gave Atlanta Tree Service Experts a go-ahead.”

Kingsley was surprised when he learned that the company had a different tree removal team.

“The family was expecting the tree trimming team—which was already on the landscape—to initiate the tree removal procedure,” said Kingsley. “Surprisingly, however, the head of field operations dialed the company number and called a different team that arrived in under 30 minutes. The two teams worked side by side simultaneously.”

The tree removal team reportedly used a crane to control the tree’s falling direction as it was too close to vital utilities. The homeowner was impressed by the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Atlanta—the team reportedly removed the tree and removed the tree stump in under 2 hours.

“Both the tree trimming, and tree removal teams cleaned the landscape after their services,” said Kingsley. “They carried the waste generated by the entire procedure, leaving the home very clean.”

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