Increase in Numbers of Collectors Grading Cards Observed Across Ontario As Several Providers Scramble to Keep Prices Low

Provider of cards grading support, Submit With Us is thrilled to be sharing an increase in the number of cards grading rates across the province of Ontario. Explaining this further, a key Submit With Us representative has stated, ‘We welcome the growth in card grading statistics across our province. Any passionate collector will tell you how important this process is to increase and preserve the value of a card collection and seeing more and more people recognize this is incredibly important to our industry.’

While the increase is positive, the business also warns against a potential trend that may hinder customers away: cost increases. When it comes to the official grading of cards, there are four main companies, namely PSA, BGS, HGA, and CSG. Customers typically use the services of a third-party agency, such as Submit With Us to assess the right option to match their individual needs. Cost increases have been noticed both across third-party providers and official grading companies which can have a potentially detrimental impact on the positive trend.

‘Within the current external environment of dealing with a cost-of-living crisis, we, as an industry, need to keep in mind the individual circumstances of existing and potential clients. In line with our three core values -accessibility, affordability, and quality, increasing costs associated with card grading is not something we are supporting. It is our promise and commitment to work tirelessly to ensure that everyone in our community has access to the services that they need in a way that is accommodating to their budget. We are proud to be doing our due diligence in terms of meeting everyone’s requests without compromising any of the other aspects – such as quality or delivery times’, the spokesperson added.

In line with this, Submit With Us offers fast and easy submission to its customers, all available on their website to complete with card information and logistics. The business also offers full insurance coverage and a 10% discount on shipping with select providers.

About Submit With Us

Submit With Us is emerging as a go-to business for cards grading services in Toronto. Positioning themselves as an intermediary service that oversees all the paperwork and shipping on behalf of their clients, the business is proud to be working with the leading names in card grading, such as Beckett Grading Services, Hybrid Grading Approach or Professional Sports Authenticator. What sets the Submit With Us team apart from their competitors lies in the passion and expertise of their team, all working under the ethos of ensuring services are available and affordable to anyone who needs them and every single request is handled with care and with quality excellence in mind.

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