A Highly Eligible Individual Patsy Brown Strives To Become A Public Administrator, She Has Been A Professional Managing Partner At The Law Offices For Several Years

With a passion for focusing on serving the people of Clark Country, Patsy Brown strives to provide her services.

A strong and self-reliant woman, Patsy Brown puts diligent efforts to become the first female Public Administrator of Clark Country with zealous efforts and hard work. Having an imposing and professional background of being a managing partner at esteemed law firms, including Ellison & Associates, Patsy Brown has gained a vast experience in the field. Through the extensive knowledge she gained, she was able to manage the sizeable estate while launching her Legacy Preparation Program and offering a free estate planning service to Clark County residents.

A multi-faceted personality, Patsy Brown is a community activist and a business owner, aiming to represent the 5th generation of her family’s entrepreneurs. Patsy Brown’s undeniable skills and knowledge helped her secure employment at several prestigious law firms before pursuing a career in public administration. Moreover, she has worked as an in-house lawyer for her family’s international and stateside businesses, manages her federal contracts, and consults with clients concerning global production or obtaining government contracts. Additionally, having an empathetic heart and the constant urge to assist people, Patsy Brown has sacrificed her endorsement campaign to become the leading voice for all military veterans.

Patsy Brown states, “I love where I live and work very hard to be here. I feel that for some reason, the sun seems to shine just a little brighter over Summerlin, it truly is a piece of heaven on earth, and I would be honoured to represent my community. I am the most experienced, qualified, and trusted Candidate for Clark County Public Administrator. My standards are very high, and I will continue to fight for change until Our vision as a community has been reached.”

Patsy Brown, striving to become a Clark County Public Administrator, diligently searches for family or executors of decedents who pass away in Clark County to secure their property. She also assists families in administering estates in court on their behalf, staying vigilant throughout the entire procedure for the benefit of the families. Furthermore, Patsy Brown’s Legacy Preparation Program protects property from government seizure and probate court proceedings. Patsy Brown ensures estate planning paperwork is prepared, documents are notarized, and registration with the program is maintained by liaising with federal and state agencies, organizations, and private professionals.

In expressing her ideas and opinions to the public, Patsy Brown keeps the preferences of her audience in mind as she communicates clearly and concisely with people of diverse backgrounds and levels of authority. Her history of excellence and dedication to public service make her the best and most qualified candidate for Clark County Public Administrator. Her willingness to contribute to the people of Clark Country distinguishes her from the rest. With a determined mindset, Patsy Brown is set to establish efficiency, respect, and trust in her work and assist the people till the end.

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