Super-factory Program Visits Weilong’s High Food Safety Factory and Reveals the Secret of Selling over 10 Billion Packs a Year

CCTV Super-factory Program recently visited a Factory of Weilong, the industry leader of Latiao (a seasoned flour product), and unveiled its commitment to quality technique and ingenuity behind the hot selling products. This Super-factory visit was broadcast simultaneously on eight platforms, including, CCTV Video site, CCTV Dou Yin, as well as Weibo, Bilibili platforms. 20 minutes after the broadcast, the total number of viewers on the platform exceeded 10 million.

This was another quality assurance measure by Weilong, after its participation in drafting the Industry Standards for Seasoned Flour Products (QB/T 5729-2022). Weilong continues to strengthen its brand image of “high food safety” through Super-factory Program.

With its first mass communication on, Latiao leader Weilong is expected to lead the rapid growth of the industry

The Latiao industry has witnessed a compound annual growth of 9.5% in recent years, and has been at the forefront of “new consumption”. Upon the recent publication of Industry Standards for Seasoned Flour Products, Weilong is expected to receive more favorable policies for its growth. Weilong has achieved annual sales of more than 10 billion packs in more than 30 countries and regions. Since the launch of its “high food safety Latiao” strategy, Weilong, known as a “daring and playful” brand, has carried out market activities frequently, the CCTV Super-factory Program visiting Weilong Factory is the latest of these activities. The program unveiled Weilong in detail from multiple aspects including raw material selection, production, packaging, and quality assurance, in an attempt to eliminate public misunderstanding of the Latiao industry, to reestablish industry reputation, and to improve consumers’ trust and preference to Weilong.

Six Core Competencies positioned Weilong as the industry leader through the CCTV Super-factory Program

During the visit to the Weilong factory, CCTV hosts Mr. Zhu Guangquan and Ms. Chang Ting made a comprehensive inspection of Weilong’s Research & Development, production, and quality control process. According to Ms. Zhang Yue, Product Engineer of Weilong, “Weilong has strict requirements on raw materials, including but not limited to the selection of high-quality wheat with richer nutrition, first-class soybean oil upon the strategic partnership with COFCO to ensure the stability and reliability of our supply chain.” Since Mr. Liu Weiping, founder and Chairman of Weilong, developed the first Latiao from the inspiration of traditional beef tendon noodles in 2001, Weilong has always been committed to delivering high quality spicy products. 

Mr. Chen Lin, Senior Vice President of Weilong, demonstrated to Mr. Zhu and the audience the whole production process of Weilong Latiao. Once raw materials including high-quality wheat and first-class soybean oil have passed quality inspection, semi-finished Latiao products with uniform pores are formed by non-frying physical extrusion and cooking process in the GMP 100,000-level standard purification workshop which ensures its full and chewy taste. The semi-finished products, which have been ripened and sterilized at 150-170 ℃ during the physical extrusion process, are then cut into strips of perfect ratio and fully mixed with seasonings through automation, and then the robot smart car automatically feeds the products to the packaging bag, which is filled with nitrogen to keep fresh, and finally the product is required to be tested again before delivery. From raw materials to finished products of delicious Latiao in bags, the entire production process has been witnessed by the CCTV host and consumer audiences. In Weilong’s modern factories, automated equipment and digital systems have been widely applied to ensure the safety, health, and good experience of products.

During the subsequent visit, the CCTV hosts were informed that Weilong has set up its own research institute, and has partnered with Professor Zhu Beiwei, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (hereinafter referred to as “CAE”), Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, and five key universities including Jiangnan University, to continuously co-develop new products, new flavors, and new techniques.

Accompanied by Mr. Liu Zhongsi, Senior Vice President of Weilong, Mr. Zhu and Ms. Chang visited laboratories in Weilong’s central testing center, including inorganic pretreatment lab, instrument lab, microbiology lab and other labs. According to Mr. Liu, Weilong’s chromatographic laboratory built with tens of millions of Renminbi investment is the first in the industry, which can detect, from raw materials to finished products, veterinary drugs, heavy metal residue, as well as 110 illegal and exceeded additions including trans fatty acids and cyclamate.

In general, Weilong has invested industry leading resources in production, research and development, and quality assurance, etc. which have ensured the high quality of Weilong products and laid a solid foundation for the Company’s rapid growth in recent years.

Cooperating with CAE Academicians, Weilong’s “High Food Safety Latiao” strategy assures its rapid growth

Over the years, Weilong has become the synonym of Latiao in China, and its “Six Core Competencies” in raw material selection, production, research & development, techniques, sales channels and sales have established its unrivaled competitive advantages in the industry. The CCTV broadcast of its production is the demonstration of its strengths and confidence as a market leader. With its “high food safety Latiao” strategy launched in 2022, Weilong will further enhance its consumer appeal and unleash market potential.

Mr. Sun Yinong, CEO of Weilong, said, “Food safety is always the first priority in the food industry. In Weilong, we have invested a lot of resources and have been focused on product research & development, production and upgrade of production equipment during the past years. Hence, Weilong products are always at best consumer experience while keeping quality, safety, and optimal tasting enjoyment.” 

Mr. Sun also remarked that Weilong will continue investing in its research and development capabilities, through partnership with Professor Zhu Yuwei, Academician of the CAE and Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, etc., to continuously offer new and healthier Latiao products to consumers. At the same time, Weilong will expand its sales network coverage and improve services to consumers at retail points with its channel distributors. Weilong will also invest in brand building and convey the concept of “ high food safety Latiao products” among consumers. In Mr. Sun’s view, Weilong, as the representative of Chinese snack foods, is dedicated to turning Chinese gourmet into casual snack food and enabling numerable families in China and people around the world can enjoy Chinese flavors.  To achieve this mission, Weilong will continue applying world-class food manufacturing and production standards to deliver high food safety products to everyone.

The “Weilong factory” broadcast by CCTV Super-factory is a demonstration of Weilong’s efforts on high quality assurance and long-term sustainable development. With its implementation of the “high food safety Latiao” strategy, Weilong will unleash more new growth potential in the future.

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