Flow Online Marketing Launches the Book “Video Testimonial Done Right” This Fall

Learn how to properly do customer video testimonial

Business owners, be on the lookout. Something fabulous has been created for everyone with a business!

This fall 2022, Flow Online Marketing launches the book ‘Video Testimonial Done Right.’ It is a step-by-step guide on leveraging one of the most legit marketing tools any business can have. The book contains practical steps on how a business owner can use videos to increase sales, get more leads, and improve visibility.

“Video Testimonial adds credibility like no other marketing effort. Any business has at least a handful of clients with a profound story to tell about their experience with the business’ services/products”, explained Catarina Monnier, author of the book and founder of Flow, the premier Northern California boutique marketing agency. This agency has leveraged the power of videos to help clients reach their business goals over the years and the founder shares all the lessons learned in the book.

With the evolution of technology and changes in customers’ buying behavior, it’s easy to see how testimonials in a multi-media format have become relevant. Many people want proof of products and services offered by businesses today. Video testimonials have been proven to help put the customers’ minds at rest and project the business.

“First, customers gained a voice in the marketplace with reviews. Reviews are influential in quantity (after all, nobody believes in one five-star review). Now, video testimonials are more qualitative and can’t be topped when it’s authentic and describes in detail the customer’s transformation achieved with the help of a product or service,” said the author.

Even though it’s easy to understand the benefits of video testimonials as a marketing tool, it might not always be easy for businesses to implement. Therefore, the book comes in handy to empower any business to take action and gather video testimonials regularly – and automatically. To take advantage of their 30 min complimentary assessment offer, go to www.flowonlinemarketing.com/#assessment.

The marketing strategist explained why she condensed her 15+ professional years into the paper: “I wrote this book to empower small businesses to stop with their excuses… ‘I don’t know how to interview; I don’t have a good camera; I am shy to ask my clients.’ There is a smart way of requesting, recording, and editing video testimonials that don’t require any Hollywood production from the business.”

The book contains a complete list of questions to ask, a testimonial request submission form template, the use of image permission example, a complete testimonial request email template, and a list of service providers.

“There is a systematized way to generate video testimonials – and it’s easy and quite affordable. I lay out all the secrets, latest tools, and workflow in the book. No need to reinvent the wheel”, the author confidently stated.There is free access to the first four chapters of the book now for early birds at www.flowonlinemarketing.com/#book.

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