Tree Service Marietta Lauded for Handling Bulk Tree Removal at An Affordable Cost


Marrietta, Georgia – When Duncan decided to get rid of his three trees—an oak that was sick and could not be cured, an invasive tree that was putting cracks on his concrete floor, and a small tree that was blocking his driveway—he was convinced that he would need a lot of money for the project. However, luckily for him, he decided to ask around to figure out the most affordable tree maintenance company.


“Everyone in the neighborhood seemed to believe that Tree Service Marietta is the cheapest company,” said Duncan. “The homeowners noted that they had worked with the company for a long time and did not have any urge to change the company. This told the family that working with the company could be one of the best things to do.”

Duncan contacted Tree Service Marietta to get a cost estimate from the company. Also, he found a different company online and contacted its office to compare the costs the two companies would provide.

“To the family’s surprise,” said Duncan, “when the family requested a cost estimate from both companies, only one company sent someone to inspect the trees before sending the cost estimate—that company was Tree Service Marietta. When the family compared the two cost estimates, it turned out that Tree Service Marietta was more affordable than the other company.”

Tree Service Marietta reportedly offered Duncan a bulk service discount to make the tree maintenance service more affordable for him.

“On learning that Tree Service Marietta was the most affordable team,” said Duncan, “the family went ahead and called the company’s office to request for a tree removal team. By the time the family was calling, it was close to noon. Therefore, when calling, everyone thought that the team would come to handle the tree maintenance procedure the next day. However, Tree Service Marietta proved everyone wrong when the tree removal team landed on the landscape within the hour.”

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The homeowner was surprised when he noticed the tree removal gear the company had brought. He told a group of reporters that he never thought a crane could be used for tree removal.

“It turned out that the professional who had come in to conduct the tree inspection and provide a quotation had reported the trees were standing in a complicated position,” said Duncan. “The team, therefore, brought a crane to ensure that the tree’s falling direction was controlled to eliminate the risk of property damage. The company also brought a bucket truck to prune the trees before bringing them down—this would reportedly ensure that the trees did not touch the neighboring utilities when they were brought down.”

Duncan reportedly watched the team handling the tree removal procedure and was overly impressed. The company reportedly brought down the three trees without harming any of the neighboring utilities. What’s more, after removing the trees, the company removed the tree stump and filled the holes.

“The company noted that the stump removal was necessary to create a space that could be used for new trees,” said Duncan. “What surprised the family is that for the extremely affordable price, the company went ahead and filled the holes before leveling the ground. What’s more, the company collected the waste generated by the entire tree removal procedure.”

Tree Service Marietta’s base of operation is located at 2305 Colleen Cir SW Marietta, GA, 30060. The company, however, can be reached remotely at 678-661-6293 and [email protected]

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