Thrashed Off-Road’s Successful Rebranding Campaign And How They’re Still Making Off-Roading An Affordable Adventure

After starting their company two years ago during the pandemic, Mid-Atlantic Off Roading recently rebranded to Thrashed Off-Road after a record-breaking annual growth of 520% and the launch of 700 new products for off-road enthusiasts.

Lindon, UT, United States – Ever fantasized about leaving a stressful life behind and hitting the open road? Behind the wheel, with that favorite playlist and the countryside stretching out for miles ahead ready to see where adventure takes you? In just a short time, Mid-Atlantic Off Roading has made that quaint daydream a reality. They’ve created affordable products for off-road vehicles so their customers can enjoy the ultimate off-road trip without worrying about their rig letting them down in the middle of nowhere. 

And just when off-road enthusiasts thought this company couldn’t get any cooler, Mid-Atlantic Off Roading went and proved them wrong by rebranding their company name to Thrashed Off-Road. A gnarly name which customers (new and old) can associate with the gnarliest trails they’re sure to hit in their off-road vehicles loaded with Thrashed Off-Road’s best products. Thrashed Off-Road prides themselves on making the off-road experience as affordable as possible by ‘eliminating overhead, and unnecessary and exorbitant corporate profits’ and finding ‘a balance between a sustainable business model and affordable retail prices for our customers’. In other words, Thrashed Off-Road cuts costs, not corners.  

But why the name change though? According to Carson Langstaff, the owner Of Thrashed Off-Road, the company experienced an unprecedented amount of growth in their first two years of operation. He thought it was the perfect time for Mid-Atlantic Off-Roading to change the company’s brand to a unique name without any regional associations. Even though their brand is different, their key outcomes are still the same. “We would rather sell 10 units of something at a competitive price point, and a lower margin, than 2 units of the exact same product at the industry standard,” says Langstaff. “It allows more people to enter the market and really enjoy what has historically been an extremely expensive and overpriced hobby.”

With a gnarlier name and more successes under their belt, Thrashed Off-Road is ready to remind everyone in the off-road industry and beyond that just because you sell something for less, doesn’t mean that those products are inferior by any means. As Carson Langstaff puts it, “We don’t believe in a 50, 60 or even 100% profit margin. A business can still be profitable, healthy and successful without massive margins.”


Mid-Atlantic Off-Roading started with an idea to make off-roading affordable for everyone. Recognizing prices were extremely high within the automotive aftermarket industry, they wanted to figure out how to make the same great products at affordable prices. Thrashed Off-Road specializes in producing off-road parts, specifically made for brands like Toyotas, which produces some of the best off-road vehicles to outmatch any rough terrain. Thrashed Off-Road will continue to expand out into other off-road vehicles that will continue to fuel their triple digit growth.

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