Alex Ju, Data Industry Development Consultant of Datong Government: Practicing open source and inclusive primary resources, and Empowering new infrastructure to localize the long-term value

On August 19, 2022, Jinyang Lake Summit Yungang New Digital Infrastructure Development Forum was held in Datong, Shanxi. Meanwhile, the Datong Government formally appointed Mr.Alex Ju as the city’s data industry development consultant.

During the meeting, Mr. Alex Ju delivered a keynote speech entitled “New Infrastructure Industry Datong” and presided over the summit dialogue forum on the “National Computing Hub Node City Development Plan for “East Digital and West Computing” and the high-level dialogue of Yungang forum, and systematically elaborated the core direction of Datong City’s development of new digital infrastructure under the opportunity of the era of dual-carbon social economic systemic change to the critical officers of Datong City and the national industrial guidance department: to be China’s first vertical ecological industry chain city in the digital new infrastructure industry, and North China’s high-end equipment capital of the digital economy; With transparent and open industrial policies, continuous and stable high-quality primary resources and high-quality and agile local supply chains, it will attract all digital infrastructure and digital technology enterprises to invest in Datong.


Relying on Datong’s comparative advantages of rich energy structure, strong power grid, superior climatic condition, convenient location and transportation, and complete manufacturing system, especially electricity price support policy, the digital infrastructure industry in Datong has completed the 0 to 1 development process. However, it is still not enough for the city to achieve high-quality transformation from resource-based cities.

Mr. Alex Ju suggested accelerating the vertical integration of the digital infrastructure industry chain, focusing on cultivating a modern digital industry chain system, supporting leading enterprises to materialize and localize the operation upstream and downstream, and upgrading the data center industry from a subordinate resource output to an actual new momentum that can drive the upgrading of the territorial. Of course, industrial upgrading is easy to say but difficult to make, which requires the joint efforts of government, industry, and other stakeholders to achieve a win-win situation, with the concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing,” as well as the implementation of honest hard work.

The development of global digital infrastructure enterprises still relies on the policy tilt of primary resources. Such as North Virginia, Ireland, and Singapore are facing the contradiction between the rapid convergence of data centers and regional industrial upgrading energy consumption. Policy adjustments have brought operational uncertainty to investment enterprises. Ju Jing suggested that in the future, the data industry policy of Datong City should be eclectic and high-quality development: that is, a transparent and open industrial policy, and actively strive for the local settlement of the world’s leading ultra-large-scale digital infrastructure service providers, and benefit from the long term. At the same time, the government should also clarify the expectations of operating enterprises to make long-term contributions to the development of the local industrial chain and issue substantive plans to provide policy support for sustainable development.

As we all know, the new digital infrastructure covers multiple levels. The primary resource, such as land, water, electricity, network pipelines, etc., are “foundation elements” for integrating digital infrastructure between industry and city. Due to the rapid development and a significant increase in demand for digital economy technology entities, it is challenging to meet the growth rate of new digital infrastructure by relying solely on government financial investment.

Since the founding team of BCI Group has gone through the whole process of the computing industry, from the downstream end users to the upstream data center developer, a deep understanding of the upstream “ground element” is one of the core bottlenecks restricting the development of the digital infrastructure industry. Regional industrial development is a project with a significant investment scale, long return cycle, and certain externalities. The primary resource elements should not have too high restriction thresholds and transaction premiums. BCI Group foundation has always adhered to the long-term industrial ideal and beliefs. Providing sustainable development of the whole process and comprehensive solution for different industrial entities in the region will become its core enterprise value and competitive advantage.

The first-level development, municipal supporting facilities, water recycling treatment plants, and the hyperscale centralized renewable energy power generation bases are being carried out rapidly. Meanwhile, the high-end equipment manufacturing projects will be put into trial operation in the third quarter – which together constitute the essential resource elements of the super energy complex. BCI Group adheres to the belief of open source universal benefits, promises to open up to industrial partners at zero premium, calls on all participants to jointly empower the long-term value of digital infrastructure localization,and contributes to the green transformation of Datong City.

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