Quebec tech startup launches First ever revolutionary energy amplifier with 10x energy amplifying capacity

Apollo by Elan Future is a patent pending energy amplifier that is uniquely designed to amplify any energy source by 10x.

Bromont, Quebec – August 22, 2022 – A Quebec-based visionary tech company is all set to revolutionize the energy scene and for better. Elan Future, as the company is called, has recently launched a breakthrough energy amplifier that has been uniquely designed to amplify any energy source by a factor of 10- and that too without costing extra price. Titled “Apollo”, the cutting-edge is the world’s FIRST energy amplifying generator with such advanced capacity.  

Backed by a game-changing patent-pending technology, the generator will allow people to produce and amplify clean electricity from anywhere on the planet. Apollo is compatible with all kinds of energy sources, including new-age clean energy sources. It can be operated anywhere, from any part of the world. Installation is simple and user-friendly.

The generator can be used in both residential and industrial plants. Apollo will work for electric vehicles as well.

In an exclusive interview, Jerome Olivier Malo, the founder of Elan shared that they are backed by the vision to solve the energy crisis around the world, liberate people from the inefficiency and confines of the traditional utility grid, and bring electricity in power-deprived regions. It’s such ethos that inspired them to develop Apollo. 

(In Frame: Jerome Olivier Malo)

The star of this game-changing energy amplifying generator is Elan’s patented parametric resonance technology. The cutting-edge technology empowers Apollo to produce 10x more energy at no extra cost that eventually enables users to save thousands of dollars every year and use less energy to power their home, business, or vehicle. The state-of-the-art generator works with all kinds of energy sources, ranging from natural gas to diesel generators to electrical grid to wind power to solar power, and so on. 

The generator is able to power almost anything and everything, ranging from a fully active home to industrial machines, to EVs and more.

“Apollo is meant to revolutionize the way energy is used in homes and industries. In industrial settings, our ground-breaking generator will power up industrial plants with mammoth 10x energy to operate motors, machinery, and other equipment for facility heating, cooling, and ventilation. Put simply, Apollo will help an industrial plant to produce more goods but with less energy, at less cost, and also with less impact on the climate. This will further lead to more innovations, creation of more jobs, and also fewer supply shortages- as well as a stronger economy”, stated Jerome Olivier Malo. 

For electric vehicles, Apollo is designed to improve the range of any EV by a mighty 10x. Thanks to the amplified power source, EV users using Apollo will only have to charge their vehicle just once in 2 months. Per the statements of Mr. Malo, Apollo will help to improve the battery pack and lifespan of an electric vehicle. 

“Developing groundbreaking technologies at Elan has never been about profit; it has always been about solving problems.” 

Top features of Apollo 

  • World’s first amplifying generator with 10x capacity
  • Backed by patented cutting-edge parametric resonance technology
  • Works with all energy source
  • Can be used in homes, industries, and electric vehicles
  • Silent operation
  • Easy installation
  • Zero pollution
  • Low maintenance 

Elan Future is powered by blockchain technology and the company has recently released ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

“Our company has been founded upon a decentralized blockchain ecosystem, shared and owned by every single member on our network. Thanks to our blockchain foundation, we can assure you complete transparency, fast and secured interaction, optimum protection for your private key and sensitive data. Besides, another reason why we took to blockchain is that the tech empowers us to offer immediate support to people in dire need of electricity- without wasting time and money in intermediary support like bank or charity foundation.”

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