Launches New Generation Pure Sine wave inverters with more power saving

Golden Springs, CA – August 23, 2022 – launches a new generation pure sine wave inverter.

The demand for home appliance products and commercially utilized devices have risen manifold. To meet the increasing energy needs of people across the globe, studies show there will be a significant jump in energy consumption. Continuous research has been conducted on energy-efficient technologies, which inadvertently points to inverter technology such as the UPS inverters for homes. has known how long-lasting impact inverter technology is than regular technology. Inverters are integral to washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, motors, and compressors. The utilization of inverters has risen due to their capacity to control energy consumption as per the requirement. The inverter can change the power provided to the appliance through voltage and frequency by switching its speeds at any point in time like the pure sine wave inverter. The user’s device or appliance will be on. However, the inverter will ensure that only lesser power gets drawn when the device has attained its maximum capacity.

Inverter technology is future-oriented technology that utilizes standard procedures to create a sustainable environment. The technologies used in the inverter manufacturing industry that uses have ensured that power output is controlled, which is possible with a pure sine wave inverter. As the company believes in sustainable energy consumption, it reduces wastage. The sustained level of either heating or cooling will definitely prevent the voltage peaks that often damage the appliance, thus ensuring longer life of the product and lesser expenses for the user.

This is eco-friendly technology and enables a smarter living option for users. Inverters are employed for increased efficiency as they eliminate the start/stop cycle and maintain the compressor to be in the initiated position. Fluctuations are also avoided, thus reducing the wastage of power. provides several kinds of inverters, all made using the latest technology. The switch from using a modified sine wave for the appliance with a rectifier or AC/DC adaptor that takes in AC input and has DC output without needing a pure sine wave inverter is noticeable. These inverters make life easier for the users as they now have varied options to make their devices last and reduce power bills.

Introducing the customer to superior quality and affordable pricing range on their sine inverters has provided leverage over its competitors. The understanding and the potential to work on workable solutions have helped to supersede the market expectations. In common parlance, both modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters provide the same functionalities though the output waves vary. Devices such as smartphones, TVs, fans, and other appliances work better with modified sine inverters, whereas sensitive electronics and medical devices can benefit from pure sine wave inverters.

Customers can check out their sine inverter range which comprises of

  • 12V pure sine wave inverter works amazingly well for high-end electronic devices, digital music amplifiers, high-end TV sets, medical devices, and laser printers.
  • 24V pure sine wave inverter has inbuilt protection for overloads, short circuits, high/low voltage and increased heat situations that may hamper the user’s devices. The inverter protects in the case of overcharge and over-discharge, giving the battery a longer lease of life.
  • 48V pure sine wave inverter is one of the most popular of the lot, with affordable pricing being one of the draws other than its usage in regular home appliances, RV, Coffee machines as well air conditioners which makes use of the 50Hz/60Hz converting it to 110V/220V100V/230V240V.
  • The pure sine wave UPS inverters are great for protecting electronic devices such as PCs, laptops, refrigerators, digital products, and household appliances. The inverter converts AC to DC electric current of 500watt, 600watt, 1000watt, 1500watt, 2000watt, 2500watt, 3000watt and 3500watt to provide high-quality current to several devices.

If you want to know more about how UPS inverter works for Home, customers can contact us at [email protected] or call +1 800-585-1519.

ABOUT INVERTER.COM has for years worked on providing quality inverters that adhere to industry standards. It is a reputed company specializing in developing and technical service of power inverter products enabling customers with a dependable source of power inverter products with extensive application solutions. The immense applicability of UPS inverters for homes that cater to residential, commercial, and other utility-scale scenarios has made sine wave inverters has always focused on the technological aspect that can improve and enhance human life and save more costs while providing the best energy solutions for consumers.

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