Durian SG prime is 1st Mountain Durian Delivery Platform Serving Affordable Durians in Singapore

Durian SG prime is 1st Mountain Durian Delivery Platform Serving Affordable Durians in Singapore

The first durian seller in Singapore offering durians from mountain plantations, they offer top-tier durians at a much cheaper price

Durian SG Prime partners directly with plantation owners, purchasing large quantities of some of the best durian, enabling them to massively reduce the durian prices in Singapore.

Not another durian stall popping up in Singapore, they are founded by durian veterans with a Nobel goal of bringing down durians prices to being affordable just like in the 1980s, with the intention of benefiting all Singapore durians lovers in the process.

Not just an idealistic vision, Durian SG Prime has sticked up to their words, bringing in high quality durians at cheaper rates for all to enjoy. They often pass on the discounts they get from plantations to consumers. This usually happens when they reach a milestone order of about 2,000 kg in orders, so you know you’re getting the best deals straight from the source.

They only offers top quality durians harvest such as, Old Tree Mao Shan Wang and Black Gold durians, all while providing vast selection of options to enjoy your durians from self pick up, dine in and durian delivery to the comfort of your home.Durian SG Prime is also one of the only few

Singapore Durians seller that provide replacement guarantee for any unexpected bad durians to all the customers with no questions asked, regardless if it is for wet, sour, or unripe durians.

Where to Order Cheap & Fresh Durians?

Durian SG Prime is available everyday from 10AM to 12 Midnight to serve all durian lovers’ craving needs in Singapore. We’re hoping to spread the awareness that quality durians do not have to be super expensive and rally all fellow Singaporeans to bring back durian prices back to 1980. To learn more about our top Pahang mountain quality or buy some durians, visit our durian delivery order page here.

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