Upcoming Artist “DoubleH Aries” Is Perfecting His Craft…

Upcoming Artist "DoubleH Aries" Is Perfecting His Craft...

Eliel Arroyo, professionally known as “DoubleH Aries”, is an upcoming musical artist from upstate Rochester, New York. Aries started music with HeadHonchos at 12 years of age with his blood brother, Geo Galileo. Geo Galileo inspired Aries to get in the booth and work as a Double H member. Ever since then, Aries dabbled with music here and there but at the age of 15 years old, Aries started taking it seriously again and Aries evolution has been crazy. Aries is 16 years old and still in school but takes his craft very serious. At the moment, Aries has 6 songs on Soundcloud with over 500,000 streams on “MITCH MATCH” with Okkvalentino, HHApollo and more. Aries has a clear and distinct vision for his audience; he wants them to hear and feel that he takes his craft very seriously. He wants his audience to understand that music isn’t just about making money for him; he’s trying to connect with his fans and have them know that music is a crucial factor in living a successful life.

Coming from humble beginnings, upcoming artist Aries has always been a hard worker. He’s also an incredibly humble young man, something he credits with helping him get to where he is today. He wakes up every day and chases success, no matter where it may come from or how it may come about; Aries only focuses on success and his rise in the music industry.

Aries is just beginning to prove his success as an independent artist in the music industry. He is chasing his dreams and fighting to be successful by any means necessary. He definitely has what it takes to become one of the most successful artists out. Aries can be found on many different platforms. Aries has a single out right now called “RÄGE”, that has gotten attention with over 60,000 streams thus far. Aries is very consistent with his craft and will also be dropping another single called “MENACING“ featuring Okkvalentino & HHApollo on September 1st, 2022. Aries says he’s looking forward to going back to school, making new music for his fans, and building his empire together at HeadHonchos, the ultimate music duo. Be sure to follow Aries on Instagram @doubleharies

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