Rayan Hayek, a must to follow Instagram influencer and blogger

Rayan Hayek, a must to follow Instagram influencer and blogger
Rayan Hayek, a must to follow Instagram influencer and blogger
Rayan Hayek is a renowned Lebanese blogger and influencer who is well-known for his comic sense and pure heart. Rayan Hayek is also known for hosting his program “Nojoum on Stage” in which he hosts number of stars and celebrities in it.

Instagram has been the top social media channel for influencer marketing and the favorite among both brands and influencers. Especially with the rapid growth of the platform over the past few years, Instagram influencers are becoming even more popular and valued. There are tons of influencers on the platform now, spanning across a wide variety of niches and interest areas.

Such influencers are often creative, inspirational, and even fun to watch. They create valuable and/or entertaining content that engages their audiences, which is exactly how they became influential in the first place.

Going back to the idea that influencing is at its high rate of nourishment, the number of influencers is also hitting the market. Hence, it would not be an easy task at all to opt the best and top blogger and influencer.

When the issue is confined to the Lebanese market, it is impossible not to mention Rayan Hayek’sname as one of the top bloggers and influencers who are known in Lebanon and in the Middle East as whole. When mentioning his name, a smile is drawn on everyone’s face immediately. Why? If you don’t know Rayan Hayek, then you missed up a lot of funny videos so far that may change your mood during the day.

Rayan Hayek started his journey simply by downloading funny videos on his Instagram account. The idea is that he did not meant to enter the world of blogging, but the sudden admiration which he has received since he started sharing such videos, urged him to grow his page by sharing more and more videos. Till the moment, Rayan, and despite his young age, was able to gain over 1 MILLION followers on his Instagram page, which is really considered a very and a very big great job.

Besides, Rayan Hayek is the presenter of “Nojoum on Stage”, a very well-known program in which he hosts in it number of stars and celebrities. So far, and the youngest presenter in the history of the Lebanese programs, Rayan succeeded in driving his program through top watched programs in Lebanon.

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