Dr. Clobo Launches a Premium App-based Family Healthcare Solution

Dr. Clobo is an American company founded with a mission to streamline family healthcare. The company has launched an innovative solution designed to connect users with professionals, conduct self-exams, and more.


Dr. Clobo came to the market with a solution for the hours, weeks, and days people waste while waiting in long lines in healthcare centers and clinics. This American company has created a device that allows users to conduct oral care, skin care, scalp care, ear, nose, and throat care exams in the comfort of their home.   

The device features a flexible inbuilt camera with an integrated light, enabling the user to monitor even hard-to-reach places with ease. Observing back-positioned teeth or deep inside ear canals has been made easy with Dr. Clobo’s healthcare camera. 

Dr. Clobo’s device is more than just a handheld camera with a built-in flashlight feature. It is compatible with Dr. Clobo’s companion app, which empowers it with a range of new functionalities. 

The users of Dr. Clobo’s app can receive detailed information about their condition, but more importantly, they can contact professionals and share files with them. Healthcare professionals using Dr. Clobo’s app can conduct quick remote exams, instruct their patients on what to look for, and edify them about the treatment and its cost. 

Dr. Clobo’s Healthcare Camera was the main talk point of the Indonesian Healthcare Village Project, in which dozens of children were supplied free Healthcare Products in an effort to bolster Indonesian’s family-driven communities. 

Some of the Indonesian healthcare professionals participating in the project were thrilled to discover the new digitalized possibilities of self-examinations made possible by Dr. Clobo’s camera and app, stating the following:

“Physical health is important, but external health is highly related to internal health. Internal health can impact the family and society. Dr. Clobo’s service is based on people’s awareness of their health. At home, people can check, screen, and monitor themselves. They can send data, like pictures or videos, to the doctor so the doctor can provide advice about their condition, explain the treatment, and tell how much it will cost.”

After Indonesian Healthcare Village Project, Dr. Clobo’s popularity soared. Numerous customers across the globe have reached out to the company, imparting that its device and app were an invaluable help to them and their families. Steve from Newark, a verified buyer of Dr. Clobo’s Healthcare Camera imparted the following:

“My ears were in pain a few days ago, so I tried to look inside my ear canal with a mirror and even using the flashlight on my phone. However, this was unsuccessful and instead, I tried using Dr. Clobo’s camera. I saw that the inside of my ears was swollen and red. Dr. Clobo was really useful for me during this time, and I recommend it for people with similar issues,” said Steve. 

More information about Dr. Clobo is available on the company’s official website

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