FlipHTML5 Transforms a Sample Employee Handbook PDF

FlipHTML5 Transforms a Sample Employee Handbook PDF
Convert a static sample employee handbook PDF into a dynamic flipbook online
Employee handbooks are necessary for any organization. FlipHTML5 can transform a sample employee handbook PDF into an online flipbook that employees will enjoy using.

Employee handbooks serve a vital role in any organization. They’re the connection between employers and employees, the guide that lets each know what is expected of each other. The task of creating an employee handbook may seem intimidating at first but with the right tools, it will be a piece of cake. Of course, checking out a sample employee handbook PDF will be of great help too. Once an employer is ready to create a winning employee handbook, FlipHTML5 is the only tool they’ll need.

Many HR resource sites will offer either employee handbook templates or a sample employee handbook PDF. Employers usually only need to fill in the different sections with their company’s information and save the document. FlipHTML5 will then take this sample employee handbook PDF and elevate it to a dynamic flipbook that employees will find a pleasure instead of a chore to use. To get started, an employee simply needs to upload the sample employee handbook PDF to FlipHTML5 where it will be automatically converted to an interactive, page-flipping digital handbook.

After conversion, employers can easily customize the sample employee handbook PDF on FlipHTML5. There are several templates that can be used for the overall layout, as well as backgrounds and themes to enhance the appearance. Users can add their brand colors and fonts, insert the company logo and URL on each page, and replace the FlipHTML5 book logo with theirs to make the employee handbook distinctive.

Employers can also make the sample employee handbook PDF livelier and keep employees engaged by adding interactive multimedia. The online multimedia editor from FlipHTML5 allows for the addition of images, audio, videos, forms, and hyperlinks to the handbook’s pages. These elements can make different sections of the handbook more appealing than continuous blocks of text. Hyperlinks are especially useful for providing employees with additional information that may not fit in the handbook.

The upgraded sample employee handbook PDF can be shared easily with employees. FlipHTML5 generates a unique URL for each book created; this can be shared via email. There’s also an embed code so the handbook can be embedded on company websites. Any changes to the handbook are automatically updated without the link being resent.

“A sample employee handbook PDF only gets better when it’s uploaded to FlipHTML5,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

More information and sample employee handbook PDFs are available on FlipHTML5.

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