IDOPresales Offers KYC Service for Crypto Projects

Companies conducting cryptocurrency transactions have a new way to verify customer identity with IDOPresale’s KYC Service. offers know your customer (KYC) services, allowing both sides of a crypto project to build trust. offers anonymous KYC services for project owners and teams. Unfortunately, the crypto space is rife with scammers trying to make easy money. Before engaging in a transaction that could potentially be a scam, many companies prefer to use identity-verification services. 

“We are in a period where blockchain technology is rapidly becoming widespread,” IDOPresales representatives said. “As a result of this, many teams are trying to bring their projects to life by issuing tokens/coins every day.”

Anonymity is a desired and respected attribute in the crypto world, IDOPresales founders said. Teams using the IDOPresales KYC service submit their personal information, which is stored securely. IDOPresales then publishes an anonymous KYC Verification post for the project. If the project turns out to be a scam, the IDOPresales firm files a criminal complaint. 

“In this way, both teams can remain anonymous, and investors can invest in the project with confidence,” IDOPresales representatives said. “We are the best KYC provider in the crypto space. We are proud of that.”

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Privacy and security

While there are many reasons someone may not want to reveal their identity in the crypto space, investors have the right to protect themselves, too. With IDOPresales’ KYC service, both parties can remain anonymous while trusting that their partners’ identities have been verified. The identity information is stored securely by IDOPresales, but if a crypto project is a scam or rug pull, the identity will be published, and a criminal complaint filed. 


IDOPresales makes securing KYC services for cryptocurrency transactions easy and safe. Investors and project creators can rest assured that they are dealing with reputable partners with IDOPresales KYC verifications. For more information about KYC services and ways to make the crypto space safer, visit

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