‘If I Die Before I Wake’ Receives Several Book Awards in Different Categories

‘If I Die Before I Wake’ Receives Several Book Awards in Different Categories
‘If I Die Before I Wake: A Caregiver’s Journey’ has been bagging several awards in an unprecedented six categories, best memoir, autobiography, biography, motivational, self-help and health as it has managed to strike the right chords with the readers. Caregivers often feel lonely and overwhelmed. This book chronicles that journey and gives the reader a glimmer of hope and ways to get the right community support so critical to survival.

A lot of caregivers tend to feel invisible to the community and often isolated after caring for the elderly, patients, loved ones or people with disabilities. This book is a memoir that tells us that we are not alone. There is a whole community of caregivers and support networks out there who are working day in and day out to make sure that the people being cared for as well as the caregivers themselves can live a better life. 

This book tells the stories and reveals the aha moments as well as the ups and downs that the author experienced throughout his 63-year journey as a caregiver himself. The author clearly expresses the idea of self care, that it is not easy to care so wholeheartedly for someone, and therefore one has to be sure that they understand the needs and demands of their body too.

The author was quoted as saying, “I am overwhelmed by the love and affection I have received. I am touched by the endless awards the book has managed to get and how it has struck the right chords with the readers. I want to give them something to hold on to and be inspired by my book. Writing this memoir has allowed me to cultivate hope and growth for the readers as well as myself.”

The book got first place in the nonfiction autobiography category several years ago and recently with the Top Shelf Awards in the nonfiction section, this book got first place in several categories, including biography, memoir, health, motivational, self-help and again this year, autobiography. These awards express how remarkable the book truly is and the way it has managed to connect with the readers. 

Eli Shaw, the author himself, has worked as a caregiver and also worked as an HIV/AIDS peer education coordinator. He is responsible for creating an opiate response team at a time when he noticed many of his former students we’re on the road to addiction. He also worked in mental health services and wrote this book, revealing many anecdotes from personal experiences.

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About The Author

Shaw, through his experience as a caregiver both personally and professionally, and his experience working through many agencies, found a common thread being drawn to those who needed support. He also tries to express in his book that we are all caregivers. We care for our families, we care for our cars, we care for our community and when we boil the idea of caring down to the basics, it all begins with the same ingredients of compassion, education and love He has closely observed the life of a caregiver as he lived it, which helped him offer this first hand knowledge of what it is like. 

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