JASMINER+ETC is the strongest investment portfolio

Crypto investment requires a sense of belief, and “JASMINER+ETC” is the strongest investment portfolio。

In the ever-changing crypto capital market, a “sense of belief ” gives us the confidence to move forward. It can prevent investors from being agitated by the noisy market conditions, help us effectively fight against negative emotions during market fluctuations, and bring investment back to its roots.

Perhaps it is only by penetrating the sense of belief that we can truly understand and practice long-termism, a concept that many successful crypto investors and especially crypto miners practice in a subtle way. So, what are they doing right?

First, stay clear of the volatility in the cryptocurrency market. Just as miners are not sensitive to short-term fluctuations in the market, but insist on long-termism, they are down-to-earth and make the rate of return of the mining rig their real rate of return through mining.

Second, choose the right market direction. For example, as ETH Merge approaches, the CEO of AntPool, one of the world’s largest mining pools, has announced that AntPool will invest $10 million in the Ethereum Classic ecosystem and will continue to provide financial support for the project in the long term. At the same time, Bitfinex, a state-of-the-art digital token trading platform, has added Ethereum Classic (ETC) to the exchange’s suite of margin trading products, expanding the offering of an exchange dedicated to financial freedom. These can be seen as a big market direction and indirectly tell us the direction for ordinary people to invest in cryptocurrencies and earn wealth in the next period of time, also that is ETC. the market attitude towards ETC is mostly volatile in the short term, but bullish in the long term, and it takes a sense of belief to be able to ignore the short term volatility and hold the coin and stick to it until the price rises.

Why is it that having a sense of belief in ETC can lead to investment success? Because ETC has the characteristics of a super growing cryptocurrency with ten or even tens of times future growth.

Firstly, there are a wide range of miners around the world who are supporting ETC and have constructed a strong hash rate ecology, such as ETC’s recent 39% network-wide hash rate spike in just 4 days. Secondly, ETC has good upward momentum, opportunities for high-speed development, and high market recognition. ETC has an excellent and determined decentralized core management team, which can withstand the test of the market and the impact of competitors, both in terms of technology and management. Finally, ETC’s total market capitalization is not large and has more potential for market capitalization growth and expansion momentum.

Investing in ETC is to invest in the future crypto blue ocean. We believe that the rise of ETC is a great trend and unstoppable, but we also need to clearly see that the road to the rise of ETC will definitely not be smooth, so it is just as important to choose the right mining tool.

Currently, the strongest supporter of doing ETC ecology worldwide is only JASMINER. JASMINER has always been optimistic about the ecological development of ETC, and has built up the hash rate ecology of ETC with the best energy efficiency ratio products in the industry. In addition to the best energy efficiency ratio, JASMINER is also good at improving the product form, and recently launched a quiet version of the mining rig products, so that miners can realize mining in the family room, completely free of noise, not only at home, JASMINER X4 generation products also support various scenarios such as IDC server room. It can be said that it is the continuous innovation that has made JASMINER the strongest king in the ETC field today. Here are some data of JASMINER X4-Q.

So we can conclude that mining ETC with JASMINER X4 is the most profitable crypto investment for a long time. We must believe that we should leave the short-term to the market and the long-term to time. Return to the essence of investment, as long as we insist on doing the right thing in the long run, keep a sense of belief, and time will be on our side.

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