New word game ZILCH! designed by Netflix magician DMC now taking over games cupboards worldwide

ZILCH! is rapidly establishing itself as the world’s favorite word game with cards. Described as the 21st-century love-child of UNO and Scrabble, ZILCH! is the new fast-paced word game with cards that has everybody talking!

London, United Kingdom – As the lockdown brainchild of British magician and cardshark Drummond Money-Coutts, (better known as DMC, and star of the $10m Netflix series ‘Death by Magic’) ZILCH! has proven itself an underground sensation since late 2020—already enjoyed by players from eleven different countries across five continents—and is now commercially available for the very first time. “Since childhood I’ve always dreamed of creating a truly generational card game,” says DMC, “And having sold many tens of thousands of special trick decks to magicians over the years, the first Covid-19 lockdown finally provided the time and focus to bring this ‘muggle’ playing card project to life. It’s an incredibly simple but frenzied word game that uses a deck of 102 colorful letter cards and can be played by 2-6 players of any age. The game also features three different skill levels, so it’s perfect for both beginners and word game experts. Families, friends, couples and classmates … the whole world’s invited!” 

Fans have called it ‘fiendishly addictive’, ‘devilishly competitive’ and ‘the perfect combination of all your favorite word games’. Watch DMC explain the game itself here.

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About ZILCH!:

As cardshark and magician of choice to royalty, presidents and prime ministers—and with his television specials watched by tens of millions of people worldwide—Drummond Money-Coutts (DMC) is one of the most established names on the global magic scene. He now brings his card expertise to the gaming world with his new word card game ZILCH! Perfect for beginners or word game experts of all ages.

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