Author Lawrence Clayton’s Book, “A New Tale of Two Cities,” Challenges Readers to Evaluate Their Own Lives

Author Lawrence Clayton announces the release of his book, A New Tale of Two Cities – Living in the Age of Self and the Christian Mystery. The author motivates readers to reflect on themselves, evaluate their lives, and ponder the question, “Which one am I?” Do I live just for myself, or have I discovered the “Christian mystery–” that Christianity was brought into existence for all people?

The thought-provoking book by Lawrence Clayton, a man with an intriguing past as a Christian and a Hispanic, examines the modern-day we live in, taking Christianity, historical, and political foundations into account. He sees Christianity, history, and politics as aspects of a complex existence that place us in one of two camps: feeling entitled or given to duty, devoted to self or selflessness.

He examines how people behave in a self-centered society today when compared to numerous aspects of Christian principles and history, along with an insight into earlier times and turmoil. Today we live in a world where “duty” does not describe the current generation, but instead “entitlement” and the right to enjoy “the good life” determined by the State, decidedly not the essence of the Christian message.

The book promises to educate, uplift and frequently reveals humor from a man with an interesting background as a Christian and many years of witnessing the world undergo changes contrary to Christian beliefs, practices, and ethics.

In his writing, Lawrence Clayton combines candor and inspiration to guide Christians in assessing their influence on the society and world they inhabit. He adds so much depth to his articles that readers will value his historical and Biblical wisdom, which can assist Christian readers in navigating a society that appears to be rebelling against the Bible’s morals, principles, promises, and teachings.

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