Roger And Out by Elizabeth A Gardener

Roger And Out by Elizabeth A Gardener

A Story Of Fulfilled Dreams, Friendships, And Dogs. Oh, So Many Dogs.

Roger and Out” is a new fiction novel written by Elizabeth A Gardener, published in loving memory of Liz Farrell (1948-2021). The story unfolds from different perspectives and takes readers on a magical journey.

Elizabeth A Farrell was a loving wife and devoted mother to two sons and grandmother to three girls. She always had a passion for learning and growing. This is why she achieved a first-class honors degree in Humanities and Art History at 61, highly encouraged by her husband, Dave.

Every day brings new experiences and new people to Eleanor and her loyal friend Joan. From the dishonest solicitor and his co-conspirator to the deranged former girlfriend of another acquaintance who attempts to set the police on them via a full cast of sleepwalking vicars, soffit-obsessed handymen, gin-soaked former headmistresses and flatulent wolfhounds. Share Eleanor’s journey in this delightful comic tale.

This novel is a work of fiction, and all characters, places and events are solely the author’s creation. Any resemblance to actual persons or happenings is, of course, entirely coincidental.

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