Swim Time Is Safer After Lessons From Swim to Safety

Children learn to be independent in the water sooner and are safer with self-rescue classes

September 7, 2022 – Water safety is an absolute must for children. Swim to Safety is announcing its Swim to Me program, helping water-loving families teach their children to swim and self-rescue in record time. Swim to Safety helps prepare children and families for pool days, vacations, and emergencies–because accidents can happen fast.

Some parents overspend time and money on private swim lessons, but the Swim to Me program is designed for self-paced learning at a fair price. More importantly, it helps get kids in the water and swimming independently within weeks. Compared to traditional lessons, the Swim to Me program does not take years to finish, is less than half the price of most privately coached programs, and includes all the skills a child needs to enjoy the water recreationally for life.

“Drowning prevention begins with teaching parents how to spot a problem before it becomes a danger,” says an inside executive. “Swim to Me empowers those parents to take charge of their family’s water safety and teach their own children to swim and self-rescue.”

The average age at which most children are independent in the water is around six or seven years old. In comparison, Swim to Safety programs have children swimming by age three, guaranteed. “The sooner a child can self-rescue, the better,” says another company executive. “For the sake of parents’ and families’ peace of mind, enjoyment of the water and… of course, the safety of their children.”

It’s obvious Swim to Safety takes safe water practices very seriously–surprises happen and it’s vital to know what to do in an emergency. Swim to Me is a unique virtual coaching program with comprehensive videos and instructions on how to teach and prepare new swimmers as well as teaching parents essential water safety. Swim to Safety’s programs support parents and families who prefer self-learning, but also offers in-person lessons. Every child learns differently, but Swim to Safety is ready to help each one swim safely and confidently.

About Swim to Safety

Swim to Safety empowers families to take charge of water safety with virtual coaching and in-person services offered. New swimmers as young as two years old can work up from beginners’ skills and self-rescue to “big kid” skills like rolling over mid-swim and more. Compared to private class listings, Swim to Safety gives families more freedom, flexibility, and power to learn swim safety in record time. See how levels are ranked and planned.

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