Fashion mogul and Last Ride brand founder Justin Kang launches stylish gymwear Collection

Fashion mogul and Last Ride brand founder Justin Kang launches stylish gymwear Collection
Justin Kang

Justin Kang is launching a new collection, and according to kang, “fashion is an instant language. It represents a personal choice and contributes to a person’s confidence.” As a result, many designers consistently break new ground in the fashion industry and set trends with each creative piece. As someone passionate about proving his accuracy in the thriving industry, Justin Kang stands at the helm of Last Ride, a brand redefining streetwear and gym wear with creative stylings that focus on style and comfort. 

A brilliant creative with a distinctive flair that translates into impressive fashion pieces, Justin Kang is the maverick mastermind behind the successful mix of hype beast and gym wear brand, Last Ride. Equipped with a stunning vision to elevate streetwear in the fashion industry, Justin has cultivated his brand to become one of the most highly coveted fashion brands in such a short period.

The Last Ride Collection is not just about outfits; it is a lifestyle. The collection features stylish and comfortable streetwear designs tailor-made for comfort while exuding style. By combining function and form, the fashion pieces can be worn anywhere, especially in the gym, and are perfect for those who want to combine style and comfort. 

“Our brand designs clothes you will keep choosing. We create pieces that attract the trending and the trendsetting. Our clothing represents fierce choices that keep you always moving forward,” it says on the company’s website.

As a brand launching into the fashion industry with comfortable, bold, and stylish designs, Last Ride has made a massive splash in the fashion scene since opening its doors two months ago. Its first drop, launched on the 29th of August, profoundly resonates with a broad base of consumers, which has helped position it as a must-have piece in one’s fashion closet. The emerging cloth brand has also gained a large following on Instagram and TikTok. 

However, like all successful enterprises, the brand’s success did not happen overnight. It directly translates from Justin Kang’s relentless passion, determination, and impeccable work ethic. The firebrand entrepreneur poured his heart and soul towards ensuring the success of his brand along with a small dedicated team.

Throughout the flourishing launch of his brand, Justin attributes much of his success to his patience and opportunities to meet new people. He said: “Always be patient and follow your own path, surround yourself with people who have the same goals and visions as you.” Riding the waves of the thriving first drop, Justin Kang Roderick Harvey unveiled his plans for the future. “I’m very happy to announce we will be having more drops in the future and grow as a business and as a young entrepreneur,” he shares. 

Over the next few years, Justin has high hopes for his new brand and wants to build a nationwide footprint as the go-to brand for style and comfortability. The emerging fashion mogul shared short- and long-term goals. “My short-term goal is to definitely be to achieve brand recognition, Increase following on social media, and expand our product lines and drops. The long-term goal would be to have a retail store.”

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