Mohamed Fouda AKA Jagger Hip-hop Collaborates with The Artist Jean-Claude Vandamme to sponsor His New Musical Video Clip

With a distinctive approach to music, lyrics, and video clips, rapper, songwriter, and composer Mohamed Fouda, aka Jagger Hip-hop, is bringing new hip-hop and rap revolution to the Middle East. Jagger hails from Cairo, Egypt. Jagger wants to make the Egyptian Hip Hop and Rap scene competitive on a global scale. exceptional music and video production quality. Mohamed was inspired by hip-hop and the power of music to transform lives. He has always envisioned a sizable audience for modern Arabian hip hop. His goal is to amuse viewers and listeners while inspiring, encouraging, and motivating people to succeed in life and follow their aspirations. His hip-hop and rap songs will be available on all streaming services and social media sites. His current content release schedule calls for a monthly release.

Both artists are engaged in Egyptian hip-hop music, Him and Marwan Pablo. He’s an Egyptian hip-hop singer, formerly known as Dama, hails from Alexandria. He rose to fame and was one of the key factors that helped rap become famous in Egypt in 2019, at which point he was dubbed “The godfather of Egyptian trap” or the head of the new wave of Egyptian hip-hop. His relatable yet distinctive and unheard-of sound propelled him fast to the top of the hip-hop food chain. The songs “Free,” “Ghaba,” “El Gemeza,” “Sindbad,” and “Barbary” are among his most known hits.

About the artist Jean-Claude Van Damme

Claude Camille Jean François Van Varenberg, better known by his stage name Jean-Claude Van Damme, is a Belgian actor, martial artist, director, and fight choreographer. He was born on October 18, 1960. Van Damme was born and reared in Brussels, Belgium, and when he was eleven years old, his father enrolled him in martial arts lessons, which led to him competing in a number of events. In order to pursue his dream of being an actor, he immigrated to the United States in 1982. There, he performed odd jobs and on a number of movies before landing his big break as the star of the action movie Bloodsport (1988).

About the Artist Mohamed Fouda AKA Jagger

Mohamed Fouda AKA Jagger, is a Rapper/Songwriter/Composer coming to you from Cairo, Egypt with a new revolution of Hip hop & Rap in the Middle East, with his unique style in Music, Lyrics, & Video Clips. He has the intention to drive the Egyptian Hip hop & Rap scene to worldwide competition. Extraordinary quality in Video production & Music. Jagger was always inspired by the Hip hop culture and how music can change people’s lives. He always had the idea of creating a huge audience for Modern Arabian Hip hop. He aims to entertain viewers & Listeners & Encourage, & Inspire them to be successful in life and chase their dreams. My Hip hop & Rap Songs are going to be on all music platforms & Social media platforms.

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