LostIt Tag Launches Revolutionary App to Find Lost Items with the Power of Digital Community

LostIt Tag Launches Revolutionary App to Find Lost Items with the Power of Digital Community
Tech-Powered Lost and Found – We Help People Return Your Lost Items
LostIt Tag App Uses QR Codes, Rewards, Privacy Protection

LostIt Tag LLC today announced the launch of LostIt Tag, a new mobile app that offers a digitalized lost-and-found solution to reunite owners with missing possessions. An innovative blend of technology and community-building, the LostIt Tag app helps users protect a wide range of personal possessions using QR code technology and a system of incentives. Finders of lost items can easily report their discovery, which allows anonymous communication and easy, quick return of items to their owners.

When people feel the joy of recovering something precious with a stranger’s help, they often wish to pay it forward by helping others find their lost items. LostIt Tag empowers the best side of human nature by removing the guesswork, step retracing, and countless phone calls usually involved in locating lost items. The LostIt Tag app protects items of all sizes and values, including wallets, purses, cell phones, sports gear, coats, watches, children’s prized toys, family pets, and more. 

Any member of the public who finds a lost item can scan the LostIt Tag QR code to quickly find the owner, with no need to reveal personal details from either owner or finder. In many cases, owners may receive a found notification before even realizing their item is lost. In addition, app users who protect their possessions on LostIt Tag can send out an alert when an item goes missing. A community of ready finders can answer the distress call and retrieve the item promptly. Once the item is scanned, owners receive instant system notification of the discovery, including the location of the item. Anonymous chat allows further communication to complete the return. 

The LostIt Tag app offers incentives for returning lost items, and owners can add additional rewards at their discretion. 


  • Found Item alerts: When finders scan the information on a lost item, the owner will get instant notifications that the item has been found, including location details and the option to follow directions from your map.

  • Anonymous chat: Owners and finders communicate securely over an encrypted channel built to safeguard privacy by hiding the name and contact details of both parties.

  • Report lost items: Owners can report lost items to a reward seekers map that will allow nearby app community members to find and retrieve them.

  • Assign information: LostIt Tag allows owners to add customized protection details to each item, including alternative contact information or care instructions.

  • In-app store for all tagging needs: Owners can purchase LostIt Tags in various forms suited to each personal item’s size and material. 

  • Generate tags for instant use: For quick protection, users can generate QR codes with the app to use in print form or in digital forms such as a lock screen or screensaver for cellphones and tablets.

  • Earn rewards: For finders who retrieve lost items, LostIt Tag offers incentives such as store discounts and protection credits, while item owners also have the option of adding their own additional monetary rewards.

Device requirements for iPhone

  • Size: 77.3 MB

  • System: Requires iOS 12.1 or later.

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Device requirements for Android:

  • Size: 37 MB

  • System: Requires 5.0 & above

Pricing and availability:

Download the free LostIt Tag app under the Productivity category from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Included in the app is one free protection credit. You can get unlimited additional protection credits as rewards for finding lost items for other users. Instant additional protection credits are available with a subscription. For each item you want to protect, you will need a protection credit and a LostIt Tag. Most of our LostIt QR Tags will retail for $14.99 or less. Our best value option is a variety sticker page with 15 different QR LostIt Tags, which equates to less than $1 per LostIt Tag.

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About LostIt Tag

LostIt Tag, LLC is dedicated to empowering people across the world to find and return lost items to their owners. The LostIt Tag app uses technology to drive a revolutionary, all-in-one digital lost & found solution. Incorporating QR codes, rewards, and privacy protection, LostIt Tag offers an unmatched level of technological excellence and peace of mind for users. Ease of use and functionality meet in the LostIt Tag app, a cost-effective solution that saves valuable time and prevents heartache with the help of the digital community.

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