Desert Kids Dental Guides Clients on Best Practices for First Appointments

Desert Kids Dental, a pediatric dentaloffice in Las Vegas, has recently provided a review of how to best get ready for a first dental appointment and get the most out of it. In the clinic’s opinion, the first appointment is crucial, as it can have a profound impact on children’s views of dentistry in general. In a pilot study result published by the National Library of Medicine, 23% out of 76% of children that had been to a dentist either disliked their visit or were afraid.

Further analysis revealed that 63% of the children preferred decorated dental offices to their plain counterparts. Overall, the statistic shows a strong tendency for kids to be influenced by their dentist’s approach and the design of their environment, which in turn has a direct impact on their behaviour during the appointment and subsequent visits. As such, Desert Kids Dental breaks down the basics of a successful dental appointment, answering common questions that come with the experience.

Regarding what to bring to the appointment, the clinic recommends that parents come along with the following:

  • Details of the child’s insurance: This includes PPO, HMO, and indemnity plans.
  • The young patient’s favorite toy or blanket: This distracts them and makes them feel more comfortable, in addition to the cozy environment provided by the office.

Desert Kids Dental also guides clients on how to prepare their children for their first dental visit. According to the pediatric clinic, the process is easier for younger children, who are more impressionable and better at retaining information. Parents can incorporate fun and exciting daily routines into their children’s lives, including:

  • Showing their support for a healthy smile by creating a positive impression of dental visits.
  • Bonding with their children through dental activities, such as brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning.
  • Providing highly interactive educational materials on oral hygiene and dentistry.

Speaking on the recent update, a spokesperson for the clinic said, “Our goal is to help your children develop a healthy and positive attitude towards dental visits. To build a trusting relationship with our patients, we begin by establishing mutual understanding and respect. And part of that entails helping them to prepare for the first visit.

“We encourage parents to reassure their children that going to the pediatric dentist in Las Vegas is a good thing, as appointments are not just about drilling and filling, but about catching potential dental problems early to improve oral health. In turn, this will decrease the likelihood of children showing fear due to the threat of pain.”

Desert Kids Dental’s approach is not just based on its dental services or reputation alone. They aim to make the clinic a fun, friendly place where young patients feel welcome and look forward to returning.

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