Welcome to the World of ‘Cat’ Adventures – Carly and Charly are all set to mark their new mischievous adventures

The Adventures of Carly and Charly is a fun book series penned by cats, that brings the unexpected.

The Adventures of Carly and Charly, a children’s book series, will take the reader on a fascinating journey depicting the lives of two former shelter cats. The illustrated books from this series unravel intriguing plots that aim to entertain little ones with unforgettable adventures.

The books showcase pictures depicting a series of events in a captivating way to mesmerize the readers and offer them life-long lessons. The adventures in the series encourage children to look at life from a new perspective, similar to how Carly and Charly often plan exciting adventures together.

The motto of protagonists in the children’s series is they are passionate about life. Some of the adventures focus on baking or a boating outing in a bid to shed light on the importance of making the most of one’s time. The Adventures of Carly and Charly is a useful endeavor that makes it easier for parents to educate their children about boating, cooking, and playing tennis and pickleball.

Who knows, a child might find a new hobby while reading the adventures of two mischievous twin cats?

Get one of the books today and educate children with a fun story that helps them improve their practical lives.  There are five adventures available now, and five more are on the way!

About the Authors:

Charly is the one who makes all the plans, and Carly is always ready to explore. Together they are a team that is ready to take on every challenge. Sometimes they go out boating, and other times they choose an indoor adventure, i.e., baking.

Carly and Charly started life as twin shelter cats who were first fostered and then adopted into a loving home. They write adventure books to share their messages of hope and love…with a flair for fun and adventure. These adventure cats inspire adventure kids!

Carly and Charly have already overcome a lot, and they’re planning big things for the future. Together, they are successfully navigating life. They remain optimistic that they can take on any challenges that life throws at them, as long as they have each other and a big dose of catitude.

They’d be absolutely thrilled if you joined them on their journey.  Carly and Charly will never forget where they came from. So, as an act of gratitude, they’re allocating 75 percent of the net proceeds from all the books in this series to the Humane Society where it all began.

To learn more visit: https://carlyandcharly.com

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