Award-Winning writer and Producer, Karina Michel opens up for consulting

Tips to get your film noticed

Where cool meets culture and a casual conversation leads to a successful indie film you’re likely to find Tallulah Films’ Karina Michel.

Since creating her popular podcast Coffee with Karina in 2020 and writing for several magazines, including her culture column on the Rolling Stone platform, she’s continued to find her footing as a journalist as well as producer.

Interviewing names such as American singer-songwriter Don McLean and National Geographic’s American rock climber, Alex Honnold there’s nothing she won’t take on. “As long as there’s something interesting there… Something about life, about exploring boundaries and where your limits lie I’m interested in knowing more, and so are my listeners” The podcast is about that, life in general and the ups and downs, and why some people make it and others don’t. As Karina says “Being in the entertainment industry is like a dance. You’re constantly fine-tuning your skills, learning more, and preparing, so that when the opportunity comes up you are ready.” Some call it luck, but she says while she fully believes in synchronicity, it’s the preparation, and being mentally and physically ready is what lands you the job. “Many things have to line up, but preparation is everything.”

Karina’s produced countless award-winning content and knows the foundation for a winning short film well. “I approach it a lot like a start-up. It’s a formula I fine-tune for each project. One of my tricks is we start to visualize and plan where the film will end up before we begin. The director and I and other producers will sit down and set the goals and almost plan backward how the film will play out and what kind of conversations it will bring up way before we start production.” She says that this way they’re all on the same page.

She leads projects as an EP or as a consulting producer on indie features and shorts and is now opening her schedule for one on one virtual consultations. “I can look at a pitch deck and see where tweaks need to be made. Many times it’s the poster that needs to be revamped. This is what sells your film, especially in the land of VOD. Someone is scrolling on Netflix or Hulu and that poster is the one thing that will first pull them in.”

For more on the best ways to create great content and get noticed as a filmmaker visit Karina’s column at Rolling Stone and

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