Work From Home Desks reveals the number one reason why people fail at working from home

With hybrid and remote working becoming the norm, people should consider investing in their home office space if they want to work successfully from home in the long term.

This is according to premium home office furniture provider Work From Home Desks, whose co-founder, Joe Bradford, said he’s seen a change in the buying behavior of his company’s customers since the beginning of this year.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, our core product offering of the WFH Desk was built around the needs of a customer that suddenly found themselves working from home. It was compact yet functional, ergonomic, could be delivered by courier flat-packed to your door, and could pack down flat for easy storage under a bed or sofa when not in use.

“As time’s gone by, those workers who are still working full time from home or who maintain a hybrid setup are looking to make their home office space a more permanent and personalized feature. So we’ve adapted our offering to include desk bundles, such as the Home Office Desk, which provides a complete home office setup”, says Joe.

If the research is anything to go by, the decision by workers to invest in their home office space would appear to be a smart move. 

Home workers need a place of focus

A recent survey has indicated that when people are offered the opportunity to work flexibly, 87 percent take it¹. However, research by BetterUp² has revealed that 12 percent of people find it hard to avoid distractions while working at home, and seven percent found it challenging to stay motivated.

A decent home office desk that provides a place of focus and inspires productivity is key to avoiding distractions and the challenge of lacking motivation. 

“One comment that we frequently hear from our customers is what a difference a decent home office desk setup has made to their home working experience and how they wished they’d invested in their desk sooner,” says Joe.

“Quite often, customers have been making do by working from kitchen tables or desks that aren’t height adjustable. However, when creating a home office setup that will help you succeed in the long term, you need to start with an ergonomic, customizable desk that brings an aesthetic you can live with as part of your overall home decor”.

Don’t forget ergonomics

Ergonomics is a vital yet often overlooked component of a successful home office setup. It helps to avoid the aches and pains that come from working in a space that isn’t designed with bodies in mind. Trying to work in an area that isn’t ergonomic will result in discomfort over time, ultimately impacting productivity and focus.

Height adjustable, fully customizable, and with a gorgeous minimalist design, the Home Office Desk is available in four beautiful finishes, including Satin Birch, American Walnut, Onyx Birch (Black) and Snow Birch (White).

Crafted from premium birchwood timber, the Home Office Desk is a complete home office setup featuring shelving for storage and a full spec of accessories. Perfect for those who want a modern home desk that gives maximum functionality while maintaining a compact footprint.

Investing in a home office to do the best work from home

“Technological advances and an overall desire to achieve a greater work/life balance mean working from home is here to stay. At Work From Home Desks, we truly believe that whether home working proves to be a success can really boil down to how well you are set up to work in your home environment. 

“Our goal is to empower our customers to do their best work from home by providing them with a high-quality workspace that they find comfortable and inspiring,” finished Joe.

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