Boon Africa makes headway after delivering homes for the Gugulethu infill housing project, a significant housing development in 30 years

Boon Africa has made history after delivering houses to many beneficiaries of the Gugulethu Infill Housing Project 8448, a project that has been impacted by continued illegal actions and community dynamics in recent years.

Thirty long years of waiting for proper and better housing ends for Gugulethu after Boon Africa, a leading construction company, handed over about 23 homes to beneficiaries on August 29, 2022. 

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, Councilor Malusi Booi, turned over 23 Homes to long-awaiting beneficiaries. It has been 30 years since the promise of housing was made to individuals of the Gugulethu Community. 

Councilor Malusi Booi commended Boon Africa and the Boon Group for taking up the cudgels and helping realize the dreams of many beneficiaries of the Gugulethu infill housing project 8448

“We’ve met the residents and beneficiaries and indicated to them that we do apologize because it has taken long, primarily because we did not have contractors that were capable. So we had to get a new contractor, which is Boon Africa, to come and assist us. We are moving at speed now,” said Councilor Malusi Booi.

The project has been impacted by continued illegal actions and community dynamics in recent years. However, construction work at the project has been at full speed since Boon Africa took over the project.

The community of Gugulethu has not had housing development in three decades. Housing beneficiaries are aggrieved with the initial contractor as more than 80% of a construction project in the area remains unfinished. The city has raced against time after the initial contractor dropped the ball and failed to deliver houses on time. According to reports, there are almost half a million applicants waiting for accommodation across the province. 

After taking over the project, Boon Africa became the first contractor to build housing of that quality in South Africa, especially with impressive color schemes and finishes on houses that have exceeded its competitors, purely because the organization covered the additional cost.

“Our main focus was to prioritize top quality service for the Gugulethu Community and make sure the beneficiaries are given the high-quality houses they deserve,” says Muhammadh Shuayb Amod, Boon Africa Chief Executive Officer.

Muhammadh Shuayb Amod is a highly experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry. He is highly proficient in multiple sectors. He is a renowned finance and technical professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Business Science Administration and Management, MSc from The Da Vinci Institute.

Kamle, one of the beneficiaries of the Gugulethu infill housing project, said her family has waited for thirty years for such a historical moment.

“My first housing application was in the 1980s before Mandela was released. I began losing hope about being a homeowner one day,” says Kamle.

Ms. Jacobs, another beneficiary, is a first-time homeowner who had also waited long years to finally get her home. 

“I am ecstatic. These are tears of joy. I used to squat and live in various places for shelter. Now, I have this. I feel overwhelmed,” said the 75-year-old owner who received a 2-bedroom house in the Gugulethu Housing 8448 project.

Muhammadh Shuayb Amod says it’s been 30 years in the making for the Gugulethu Community, and Boon Africa pledges to continue to get the job done to deliver its promise.

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