QBE is fully decentralized and owned by its fun, vibrant and extraordinary community


Would it not be nice to have a place where all kind of investors could find a home and be part of the ongoing crypto revolution? Would it not be nice to get similar tools and risk assessments just as a bank does? Would it not be nice to get daily rewards, a real passive income everyday year by year and with or without crisis around us? I think that’s everyone is looking for, isn’t it? QBE Ecosystem is a planned multi-chain and multi reward Ecosystem designed for everyone and I mean everyone, even the non crypto user. I strongly believe that crypto is the future, centralized or decentralized will decide the future but what is our approach is to give the financial freedom to everyone he asks for, means the choice and fair share in the pool in the Investment World, for Real financial power and empowerment for everyone. First launched on BSC we will develop our products and once the development work is done and tested, we will migrate to our cross-chain setup.

We will use bridges and wrapped versions. The Ecosystem is Based on solid passive income streams as staking, LP Farming, stable coin reflections, pepped up with two unique and innovative utility streams as our Multi Chain Marketplace and our Multi functionality NFTs as well as our innovative approach towards early start up funding in for of a unique type of incubator project on top of that we want together with our community get the leader in ISPO funding. Our incubator utility will be governed by DAO and deals specifically with start-up’s and their early-stage funding as well as the project setup processes. Other utilities are multi functional cross chain NFTs and marketplace what get used for different proposals as staking, rent into Metaverse, P2E and other use cases and a like are designed to choose your risk/earn factor.Stable Coin Reflections Stabelcoin reflections such as BUSD, USDT and others will be auto distributed through the contract on each respected block chain (BSC in BUSD, ETH in USDT, etc.) These will be displayed in our Dapp dashboard.

You will find the amount of QBE token in your wallet, stable coin rewards from each respected block chain to be distributed to you, total of all reflections distributed to your wallet as well as the amount of all reflections distributed to all holders. To participate you need a minimum amount of 100 dollar in QBE tokens in your wallet. If you want manually to trigger your reflections, you will be able to claim them any time but need to pay the gas fees attached to the transaction. Auto distributions will be free of gas fees but will be reflected after a minimum amount is reached QBE Ecosystem aims to build multiple revenue streams that will boost the QBE staking pools and project utility thus organically growing the value of the token 

We are planning to develop the following: 

• Start UP partnership revenues 

• DEX returns due to gas fees 

• ISPO Partnerships 

• Rental income% from NFTs in Metaverse/P2E/M2E

 • NFT art collections with attached multi functions and use of our cross-chain Marketplace

 • Multiple network bridges 

• We earn on any cross-chain convention

 • Merchandise shop revenue 

• Node accumulation revenue 

• Staking pool Sponsorship revenue

 • Investment insurance revenue 

• Crypto Visa Card revenues 

• Kyc and vetting processes

 • Project investment.

For more details visit:

Telegram: https://t.me/QBE_Ecosystem

twitter: http://twitter.com/QBE_Ecosystem

instagram: http://instagram.com/qbe_ecosystem

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