Borrow the Blooms is disrupting the Flower Industry with their Sustainable, Aromatic Flowers

Renting premium silk flower bouquets, boutonnières, centerpieces and more with accessible full-service options

September 12, 2022 – Decorations are one of the most important features at any event. Those like wedding flowers are beautiful to see and smell, but what happens when the party ends? Borrow the Blooms LLC is a premier realistic florist and design decoration team that is transforming the floral market with their innovative, stress-free rental service of high-quality silk and real-touch flowers.

Their beautiful blooms are 80% less expensive to rent than buying natural flowers on average, always picture-perfect with no need for water or certain temperature to look amazing–even in the rain, snow or heat. Renting their hand-made flowers is more ecological than buying real ones, reducing the waste of flowers at a wedding, birthday party or corporate event by up to 95%. Borrow the Blooms recycles its flowers many times, regularly cleaning, mending and adding more fragrance as needed to extend the blooms’ longevity.

Light aromatic floral perfumes are made with essential oils that are safe, and can even be therapeutic. All scents are of a cruelty-free formula not tested on animals, allergen-free and wrapped in recyclable packaging.

“We just love to help party hosts and planners make more of their budget. We’re helping clients save money, have gorgeous events and save the Earth while they’re at it. Most save up to 80% on their usual budget with us,” says Karina Motelli, Co-founder at Borrow The Blooms, LLC.

About Borrow the Blooms, LLC

Borrow the Blooms, LLC is pushing to make the floral industry more eco-friendly and reliable for all kinds of personal and corporate events. Learn more about flower rental services and get a Complementary consultation for more information and special offers.

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