Mobilo Lets Business Owners & Professionals Transform Networking Efforts with Smart Business Card

Mobilo lists the top benefits of owning a smart business card for those who still bring physical business cards to events and conventions.

In-person events like conventions, seminars, and meetings are back again. This means that business owners and professionals must prepare for networking face to face. Helping individuals take their networking chances to a whole new level is Mobilo, the smart business card brand used by over 25,000 teams across around 200 countries. With this, the brand prides itself on providing smart business card users with several benefits of owning one.

First, Mobilo’s uniqueness lies in its Lead Generation capability. “Before heading out to a convention, set your Mobilo card to Lead Generation mode. Once in this mode, all you have to do is tap your card on the smartphones of your new contacts,” said Pieter Limburg, its founder.

When tapped, a form would appear on the device, requiring the card owner and its contact to fill it out. Then, both individuals would receive a text message with the other’s contact information. “Both just needed to click a link in the text message, and a new contact entry would automatically populate on their phone, with the other individual’s contact information already filled in.”

Second, Mobilo’s integration with over 3,000 CRMs allows its users to automatically pipe new lead info into the user’s smartphone contacts and follow-up funnels. Users do not need to do manual labor recording lead details and updates on the phone, unlike what people used to do with traditional physical cards. Instead of manual labor, users have more time and energy to accept new meetings and manage sales as a result of networking events.

With this ingenuity, business owners or professionals make the most out of hefty networking convention ticket payments. Mobilo offers improved contact information acquisition and follow-up tactics. Third, the way contact information is shared through it also makes a great conversation starter and shows its user’s tech-savvy character.

“In terms of efficiency and effectiveness, it’s wise to stay on the cutting edge of any business technology, to not only reap the benefits of the latest and greatest but also impress others with how you know about the latest and greatest,” said Limburg.

Lastly, Mobilo is affordable and eco-friendly too. “For as little as $7, you can get access to four modes of information transfer, to ensure you spend the least time getting the best results in any networking situation you may find yourself in,” added Limburg.

With NFC compatibility and QR code support as a backup, Mobilo’s smart business cards work with any smart device—which means from now on, Mobilo users will always “wow” the new prospects they come into contact with.

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Mobilo helps businesses cut costs and save time in turning meetings into leads. Founded by Joey Madej, Nico Aberson, and Pieter Limburg, the company uses cutting-edge technology and integrations to reshape how the business world connects.

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