With Determination And Pride Real Holdings International Inc Announces Its Investment In Nuclear Energy Portfolio Across Africa

The company strives to provide high-rate energy in African states to help increase the GDP rate.

Since the development of a nation is not possible without investing in its infrastructure and promoting human capital, a Delaware-based private equity firm, Real Holdings International Inc, takes pride in investing in Nuclear Energy Portfolio specifically for the African continents. Being a private equity company that invests in critical capital projects like Energy, Water, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Healthcare, for many years, the company has been regarded as one of the most reputable investment companies. Recently, the company announced making an investment in the Nuclear Energy Portfolio across Africa.

To do so, the company likes to cross-leverage each sector’s synergies to build and operate a broader portfolio that will add value to the regions of business, investors, and public partners. The private equity funds are launched as an investment in various development projects that will improve countries’ infrastructure and progress in Africa, followed by other developing countries and emerging economies. With a detailed structure and plan, Real Holdings International Inc is taking the initiative to invest in Gen 4 nuclear technology that will offer the most cost-competitive alternatives to coal, natural gas, and existing nuclear plants.

With Enhanced Passive or Walk Away Safety, Gen 4 reactors release less waste and have additional uses like industrial heat, energy storage, and desalination. Additionally, Gen 4 nuclear technology could lower the Levelized Cost of Electricity to 34$/MWh, the lowest Levelized Cost of Electricity, when construction costs are lower, meaning lower capital expenditures. Desalination. Growing demand for energy from emerging markets and non-OECD companies will increase revenues in the sector, while a lower LCOE will lead to lower capital expenditures, shorter break-even periods, and improved margins.

The company’s regional focus on making investments in Nuclear Energy focuses on Africa along with other developing countries. These countries are also prime candidates for Gen4 Nuclear Energy Adoption; their GDP growth rate is also higher than OECD countries. As a result of the converse correlation between GDP growth and energy demand growth, these countries have a higher level of socio-political acceptance of nuclear energy.

Investing in the most promising Gen 4 Nuclear Companies and helping them transition from prototype to fully functional, operating power plants via capital infusion, value addition, and public-private partnerships is the objective of Real Holdings International Inc. By expanding their offerings into new markets and segments like Energy Storage, Desalination, Energy Export & Technology Export Markets, the target portfolio of nuclear electricity companies can pivot into multi-utility companies.

In addition to helping with revenue generation, Real Holdings International will also enhance geographic expansion through public-private partnerships. The company also has developed a detailed exit strategy for nuclear electricity. The strategy aims at integrating portfolio companies in each sector to improve operational and financial performance, using internal and external M&A to increase the geographical footprint of the portfolio company’s operations.

Real Holdings International Inc is currently looking for strategic partnerships with institutions, governments, and the public sector to partner with them as investors in the fund to help grow the African states to have a higher GDP and economic rate.

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