Xinhua News Agency uses VR technology to conduct interactive news reporting

Recently, Xinhua News Agency innovates the media reporting form, uses VR technology to conduct interactive news reporting, and leads readers to experience China’s 360 ° panoramic news scene.


Nowadays, new breakthroughs have been made in technology, and even news information has a new way of communication!

Now VR technology can also be used in news reporting to provide everyone with an immersive news experience. Through the virtual reality technology, the process of reading news becomes interesting, and the news is told in a new way, which makes people feel like they are on the news scene.

VR news transforms news content and details into stories, creates a scene of news events, and then restores them in a 360 degree panorama, allowing users to explore and restore news events.

Click the link to experience VR news and explore together:

There are 8 stops for VR News, including:

1. Cliff Village, Sichuan

2. Yunnan elephants wander north

3. The completion of Huoshen Mountain Hospital in 10 days

4. China Europe Express

5. Making Xinjiang cotton

6. The first gold medal of China’s snowboarding Winter Olympics

7. Rising City of the Future Xiong’an New Area

8. China’s space industry

VR news experience through Xinhua News Agencyevery time reader finish the news experience, will get tokens. After collecting tokens from 8 stations, reader can get an electronic certificate. In addition, there is a question answering session to test whether reader really understand the news event. There are also some interactive experiences in the process, which let people immerse themselves.

Experience tips

1. Click experience according to the instructions to lead you to news events.

2. Click “Read More” in the upper right corner to read the detailed content.

3. In the upper right corner, reader can select to open or close music during experience.

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