RDTS is a leading merchandising company that offers unparalleled merchandising services that ensure great results.

The best part of working with the professionals at RDTS Merchandising is their attention to detail and their astounding effort to ensure their customers get the results promised to them. They are Canada’s premier merchandising company that provides retail merchandising services.

Retail merchandising is a crucial process in order to ensure that the products and services offered by a business are presented strategically and in the right way. How a product is showcased and how a service is offered can increase the appeal to customers and casual observers. An effective store merchandising campaign draws customers toward the product. A lot of customers find it helpful and easier on their part if a shop is easy to navigate and their products are displayed strategically. In order to do this, there are techniques and principles to be followed to make the merchandise appealing to potential customers. In such a case, RDTS Retail Merchandising can help businesses develop a retail merchandising solution that creates income for the store while also providing value to the customer.

RDTS has managed to establish a strong reputation as a leading merchandising company in Canada. The company has extensive experience when it comes to merchandising, sales outsourcing, retail audit services, and marketing mix strategies. They are able to offer valuable insight in order to help merchants, manufacturers, and clients in improving their day-to-day operations. Not only that but RDTS is also considered to be an important Canadian merchandiser partner for companies that additionally want to outsource their sales force or set up new store locations. RDTS Sales Outsourcing focuses on control of operating costs, instant deployment of sales professionals, adapting to the client’s strategy, network of established contacts, contact and management of major and regional accounts, optimization of coverage retailer geography, savings and ROI, reports, tracking, and insights. They will be able to help with product visibility and help raise brand awareness. Their main driving goal is to bring business merchandising strategies to the next level. With over 26 years of experience in the industry, they have a lot to offer and are excited to share their knowledge with their clients.

Past customers have nothing but great things to say about working with RDTS, a leading merchandising company. They emphasize the quality of work they have received from the team. They talk highly of the professionalism the team has displayed. They go out of their way to ensure that the ideas of customers come to fruition. The RDTS team listens to what their clients have in mind as well as offers helpful suggestions to make the visual effect more engaging and appealing to potential customers.

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