The Eric J The Great Podcast Dubbed the Best Podcaster in Kentucky

The Eric J The Great Podcast is a weekly podcast show hosted by retired army veteran Eric Jones Jr. Eric’s loyal fanbase dubbed him one of the best podcasters in the Kentucky area.

The Kentucky podcasting scene is home to some of the most prolific individuals that strive to cater to every need their audience puts in front of them. From the infamous Kentucky Sports Radio and Access Louisville to Redlegs and Kentucky Afield to Sound Prints and a plethora of music podcasts, the title of the “best podcaster” keeps changing hands whenever a new episode is aired. 

According to thousands of Kentucky locals and listeners nationwide, Eric Jones Junior, a retired army veteran is “the” best Kentucky podcaster: a prolific connoisseur of music, history, and culture, Eric has retained his title through hard work and commitment to ensure his podcast is fresh and vibrant, never missing his weekly uploads and always striving to bring the latest stars and Kentucky acts to his show. 

Rightfully titled “The Eric J The Great Podcast”, Eric’s show has amassed a cult-like following across all relevant streaming stations and platforms. From Apple Podcast and Instagram, over Pocket Casts and Castbox, to Radio Public, Amazon Music, Overcast, YouTube, and Spotify, Eric Jones Jr. wanted to make his content accessible to all generations and viewers. 

The Eric J The Great Podcast is an eclectic show that features Eric’s thoughts and opinions about a broad range of topics, interviews with some of the most talented American artists, episodes about faith and spirituality, and more. 

One of The Eric J The Great Podcast’s trendiest episodes is “How to Deal With Losing a Loved One”. Eclipsing thousands of views and reactions on YouTube within weeks of airing, this episode touched on a pressing issue that the world has endured in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Eric hosted the acclaimed author Shameka Beaugard and expanded on the topic of losing an important person, imparting the following:

“I believe your most valuable asset is your time because you can’t get it back. Dealing with losing people and things like that, a lot of times, and I know for me personally, we don’t want to admit it, but when you’re by yourself, you self-reflect. I think the most important lesson that you can take from losing people is just to appreciate the time that you have with people and maximize the time that you’re around them and try to make good memories while you’re here,” said Eric.  

What separates Eric Jones’s show from contemporary Kentucky-based podcasts is that he deliberately dropped the suspense regarding future episodes, announcing each guest and uploading videos as “upcoming” on his channels, letting his audience know exactly what to expect each week. 

More information about The Eric J The Great Podcast is available on Eric’s official InstaBio page.

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