Rising Rap Artist Jacc Zalez Releases Lyric Video For New Single “Hope In Light”

SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 – New York, NY – Underground rap sensation Jacc Zalez released the official lyric video for his latest single “Hope in Light” today. The Great Resignation and millennial malaise serve as rich fodder for the steadily rising MC, whose penchant for gritty urban street poetry draws clear inspiration from the elegant, reflective bars of a young Jay-Z. Watch it now HERE.

The specific choice of a lyric video, instead of live music video, allows Zalez to “emphasize the poetic quality behind the emotions, to allow the stanzas to better sink-in with the intent of establishing an intellectual connection with the listener.” Discussing his songwriting approach: “The record has a psychological component to it, too… [As a people,] we’re capable of so much more. And that is the essence of this record.”

The incisive, emotionally direct lyrics in “Hope in Light” grant Jacc Zalez the footing to promote social consciousness in a slick, mainstream-friendly manner. “I decompress through self-forgiveness,” he raps, touching on his ability to “flex linguistics” and take pride in being “lifted out the soot…gladly gifted wisdom from deep root.”

In “Hope in Light,” Jacc Zalez also touches on hot-button topics currently occupying the cultural conversation across the country, including The Great Resignation (“Locked 9-5 / just to be broke, worked all my life, just to get soaked”) and the emotional difficulty faced by millennials and Gen-Z’s in the wake of the global pandemic (“But God can take what’s bad and make it good”).

Born in Washington, D.C. Jacc Zalez grew up in New York and New Jersey, quickly accruing a passionate local fanbase. He first garnered serious attention from the hip-hop industry at large as a member of the supergroup The Individualz, which provided a potent platform for Zalez’s most noteworthy mixtapes and singles. “Taking Chances,” the best-reviewed of these, cemented his status as a local underground legend.

“Hope in Light” ramps up Zalez’s visibility after a series of buzzed-about releases in recent years, like 2020’s viral single “One God.” Yet Jacc Zalez isn’t stopping at making noise as rap purists’ MC of choice.

In addition to setting himself up for a career as one of his generation’s premier lyricists, Zalez is working towards giving the next generation a platform to pursue their own dreams with Olivet Nation Entertainment. The white-hot indie label, based in New Jersey, promises to uplift local emerging hip-hop talent to buzzworthy levels. “We intend to bring you new, exciting and engaging music as it pertains to hope, love, and tragedy with all its accompanying drama,” clarifies the official site.

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