How First Page Actually Puts Employee Wellbeing First

How First Page Actually Puts Employee Wellbeing First
The First Page Digital Australia team during one of their weekly company wide standup meetings, recapping the week’s happenings.
Ever heard the phrase, “practise what you preach?”
Nowadays, far too many companies are making promises on paper that look, and are, too good to be true.

Ever heard the phrase, “practise what you preach?”

The team at First Page does just that.

Nowadays, far too many companies are making promises on paper that look, and are, too good to be true. Determined to make a difference, First Page is committed to making employee well-being a priority.

Employee Wellbeing Initiatives – Welcoming its employees to a shiny-new office in Richmond was just the icing on the cake. The new headquarters feel like something out of a fiction book. Fitted with a literal Tiki bar (yes – with bamboo and everything!) for weekly drinks, as well as a ping pong table to ignite some friendly competition, it’s not your average office – and First Page is not your average company.

First Page has implemented various initiatives to ensure its valued employees get the treatment they deserve.

Standing and Cycling Desks – At First Page, every desk is fitted with a collapsable standing desk attachment for those times you want to change things up and stand while you work. You can even take it up a notch and work from bicycle desks and be on your way to competing at the Tour de France in no time!

Talent Retention

One of the key values of First Page is a love of learning – which is why talent retention is so important to the company.

Each and every employee is provided with opportunities to enhance their skills and nurture their talent through regular training sessions and state-of-the-art resources to achieve greatness.

Grazing Board Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, First Page employees are treated with a feast for the eyes and stomach thanks to an expertly-crafted grazing board.

From the oh-so-popular Meredith Dairy Feta and flaky-fresh croissant to organic seasonal fruits and dips, the weekly grazing board has without a doubt proven a hit in the office.

Hybrid Work Model

If what seems like an eternity of lockdown taught us anything, it’s that a hybrid work model is the way to go.

Striking the perfect balance between the buzzing office life and the convenience of working from the comfort of home, First Page runs on a hybrid model to ensure maximum productivity.

The company is all about choice though; so the office remains open 5 days a week for those that opt for a 100% in-office experience. After hearing about the newly-upgraded office, we don’t blame them!

Snacks Galore

It’s natural to feel an afternoon dip as the working day comes to a close, but to keep that energy going while pleasing the tastebuds, the office is fully stocked with an array of snacks – from chips and muesli bars, to fresh fruit and biscuits. There is of course a coffee machine for that caffeine hit – but the non-coffee drinkers don’t have to fret, because it whips up a rich hot chocolate too!

Free Lunch Fridays

With an ever-changing menu, First Page employees are treated to a gourmet lunch every Friday, encouraging bonding between employees and taking the pressure off scrambling to pack something to eat before work. Word on the street is that a Mexican taco party is on its way – and who doesn’t love tacos?

Fully-Stocked Bar

Not only does First Page provide a fully stocked bar with beers, wines and spirits, but it also has a dedicated in-house Tiki bar to raise a glass with the team every Friday.

Red Light Therapy

A new, but welcome addition to the office are the portable red light therapy devices to give employees a sense of comfort and relaxation – and a break from screens.

The Bottom Line

It seems pretty clear that First Page Digital is a company that truly puts its employees and their well-being first.

And considering it’s the highest-rated digital marketing agency in the region, it’s safe to say that happy employees result in great outcomes.

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