How to choose a DC water pump that can bear high temperatures?

For the general purpose, the pump can’t bear high temperature, and only 3-phase brushless DC pump can bear high temperature.

2-phase DC water pump:

Generally speaking, the circuit board of the DC water pump (2-phase water pump) is built in the pump body, and then encapsulated with epoxy resin. The pump body has a certain temperature rise during using, for example, the internal temperature of the pump when operating in a 20 degree environment. It will reach about 30 degrees, so the internal temperature of the pump is about 50 degrees. When the water pump is working at 60 degrees water temperature, the internal temperature is about 90 degrees, and the general electronic components have a temperature resistance level of 85 degrees and some can reach 125 degrees. Thus, if the internal temperature exceeds the temperature resistance level of the electronic components for a long time, the life and reliability of the DC water pump cannot be well guaranteed.

3-phase DC water pump:

The 3-phase DC water pump adopts sensorless technology, that is, it does not need to detect the position of the magnet and change direction by the sensor. The pump drive board is externally installed, there is no any electronic components inside pump body.The internal components of the pump body are all made of high temperature resistant materials. The pump controller is isolated from the heat source in a high temperature environment so that the pump body can be directly exposed to high temperatures and long-term use in high temperature environments.

The 3-phase model as the following:

DC45 series(DC45A,DC45B,DC45C,DC45D,DC45E)

DC50 series(DC50A,DC50B,DC50C,DC50D,DC50E,DC50F,DC50G,DC50H,DC50K,DC50M)

DC55 series(DC55A,DC55B,DC55E,DC55F,DC55JB,DC55JE)

DC56 series(DC56B,DC56E)

DC60 series(DC60B,DC60D,DC60E,DC60G)

DC80 series(DC80D,DC80E)

DC85 series(DC85D,DC85E)

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