Flo Blanket Is Revolutionizing Relaxation With Their Brand-New Design

Kickstarter Flo Blanket has redesigned the traditional blanket. The upcoming product offers better sleep and relaxation with its unique look.

The right blanket can make a huge difference in peaceful sleep and relaxation. With 80% of adults wanting improved sleep, the founders of Flo Blanket set out on a mission to make the ultimate blanket. 

Michael Leotta, Tyler Siamas, and Matthew Strachovsky are co-founders of Flo Blanket. Their patent-pending design acknowledges both the science of sleep and comfort in its creation. With multiple colors soon to be released, Kickstarter has raised almost double the amount needed to launch Flo Blanket. 

With three weeks left in the Kickstarter campaign, there is still a small window of time available to purchase prior to release. This guarantees arrival in the first wave of blankets shipped. 

The benefits and features of Flo Blanket

The Flo Blanket is a traditional blanket that allows the arms and legs to escape freely providing the ultimate in temperature control while simultaneously offering all the convenience of a wearable blanket. Perfect for anyone who struggles with overheating, the blanket boasts the following features:

–  Freedom of movement
–  Climate adjustable
–  Breathable
–  Ultra soft
–  Improved airflow
–  Stress and anxiety relief
–  Luxury level comfort

It’s easy to stay warm and comfortable with Flo Blanket while still using one’s arms for things like working on a laptop, drinking, eating, or playing video games. The design also allows for getting up and walking around as it is wearable. Taking it off is as simple as slipping off a regular blanket.


With the Kickstarter success, Flo Blanket is set to release in December of this year, just in time for Christmas gifts. The blanket will be available in six colors and can be pre-ordered through Kickstarter prior to becoming available on their website. 

The design works for one person, or two encouraging quality time with one’s significant other. The blanket will be available to ship worldwide once it’s released, with blankets moving to production in November. The super soft material is machine washable, making it even more convenient for users. 

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