Ronnie Qureshi, UK’s Rising Talent Proves the World Magic is Real

Ronnie Qureshi is a United Kingdom-based magician performing to celebrities and traveling the world showcasing his magic skillset.

The hope that magic exists resides in nearly all humans. From Harry Potter to The Lord of the Rings, From Now You See Me to The Prestige, the modern-day movie industry helped humanity get a glimpse of how it would look like using complex effects and techniques. Ronnie Qureshi, an upcoming talent street magician from the UK set out on a mission to show the world magic is real with his bare hands and pure skill. 

Hailing from Coventry, United Kingdom, Ronnie Qureshi always loved movies and was enthralled by magic ever since he was a child. Throughout his formative years, he watched as his idols drew bunnies from top hats, spawned doves out of thin air and performed feats humans were never designed to be capable of. 

Diving deep into the field of mentalism, this rising talent discovered how some of his favorite magic tricks were performed and decided to pursue a career as a street magician. 

His radiant personality, innate talent, and years of dedication and hard work attracted dozens of people to his performances. Ronnie would pour his heart and soul into each trick, knowing that it was him in the audience when he was younger that was inspired by a similar ambient. 

It was not long before Ronnie’s magic escapades reached celebrities and high-profile individuals from all compass points, most of recently, British boxer Amir Khan and wife Faryal Makhdoom. He’s often invited to perform to celebrities in their hometowns, granting everyone present the gift of an unforgettable day or evening and proof that magic is real.

Ronnie performed to the first high-profile individual on camera at a music event where he partnered with Beatsabar and blew away music producer S-X and the team.

Recently, Ronnie Qureshi traveled to Novaljia, a Croatian island city famous for its pristine beaches and nicknamed “The Croatian Ibiza” after its clean sea. He traveled with a group of friends and enjoyed the country’s cuisine and lodgings while performing magic tricks for locals where he met and performed to the 365 Days movie star and actor, Michele Morrone, who plays mafia boss, Massimo Torricelli.

Ronnie Qureshi is available for hire and more information about the street magician is available on his official Instagram page

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