Dana Byers Coaching shares key elements to becoming assertive

“Assertiveness isn’t a trait we’re born with; it can be developed.”

“Become Assertive: Key Elements to Asking for What You Want” is a comprehensive formula that helps people become more confident. Dana Byers Coaching shares that these elements have been part of both her personal and professional journeys, and she enjoys sharing this formula with more people so they can see progress on their own developmental journeys. 

The mystery of being an assertive person is a puzzle that Dana has solved and is now helping people do the same. “I haven’t always been as self-aware or assertive as I am today. I still have plenty of room to grow, but facing the opportunity to improve while asking for what I want has dramatically multiplied my overall satisfaction in life.”

People who lack assertiveness keep their thoughts, feelings, and desires hidden away, but Dana shares that communicating these thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires when appropriate is crucial. “I don’t share the key elements of developing assertiveness with my clients as a person who’s mastered asking for what she wants, but I am sharing it as a person who’s seen significant value in improving in this area of my life.” 

Top of the list is understanding that getting ‘no’ for an answer is always better than not knowing. “People don’t necessarily know what you want unless you ask. You have the right to ask for what you want and need without feeling guilty.” Everyone has the capacity to communicate boundaries and ask to be treated with respect. This first element to becoming assertive helps people become self-aware of their contribution to the existing problem. “We let people know what’s acceptable by accepting or correcting how they treat us.”

The second element, “You are your own best advocate,” expounds on the fact that everyone owes it to themselves to speak their mind when appropriate without assuming others know what they think or feel. Dana urges people to choose vulnerability by sharing their visions so that others can support them. In moments of bravery, when someone asks for what they want, it is essential to validate them by responding with a comment like, “I’d like to support you here. Help me get to yes.” 

Another element to being assertive is knowing precisely what to ask for, which is why a lot of soul-searching is important. Dana asks people to start by trusting the person they are asking from as this creates better chances of getting a favorable outcome for both parties. People who often give way to others have difficulty asking for what they want, but if they start small and increase their scope over time, they can conquer their fears around being assertive.

When people master how to ask for what they want, they become better at managing anxieties. It also helps people be more honest with themselves about the things they have always wanted but were too afraid to say out loud. In the final element, Dana explores how the difficulty of hearing ‘no’ has shackled many people because they judge the outcome. Dana’s way calls for non-judgment, no grasping for more, no resisting what’s true, and no ignoring of life’s experience. 

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