Cover Your Pergola presents SkyPoly covers for patio protection without sacrificing natural light

“Let the light in, keep the rain out, protect your stuff, extend the life of your pergola.”

Pergolas are a visual focal point in most homes. Usually, pergolas don’t feature coverings, which does not protect the homeowner from the sun or rain. 

Cover Your Pergola, a leader in all things pergola, has launched high-quality and state-of-the-art SkyPoly pergola covers. Cover Your Pergola assists homeowners, by transforming their patios with incredibly designed pergolas. The company has also designed covers that improve the value and functionality of the pergola.

The pergola cover market has a wide selection, from canopies, shingles, corrugated polycarbonate, and SkyPoly Multiwall. SkyPoly are structured sheets that are available in double and triple-layered configurations. The multiwall polycarbonate systems offer superior protection in any weather without robbing the pergola of its character and stylish touch. Cover Your Pergola offers two types of multiwall polycarbonate systems, the Apollo and Hercules.

These covers allow sunlight, allowing homeowners to enjoy natural light while keeping away all other unwanted elements like rain, heat, and UV rays. Cover Your Pergola’s architectural grade multiwall polycarbonate pergola cover systems help people bask in the comfort of their covered pergola all year round.

In addition to providing superior protection and longevity, SkyPoly multiwall pergola covers are also leakproof, impact and hail resistant, reduce temperatures under the pergola and extend the life of the pergola and protect stuff from damage. The installation process is fairly easy for handy homeowners; however, using professional installation experts ensures that the cover is functioning properly.

The Hercules and Apollo systems are fully transparent and available for order depending on the client’s pergola size. Cover Your Pergola designs pergola covers ideal for commercial and residential pergolas. While both systems have their defining differences, they block all UV lights, allow natural, healthy sunlight in, and come in various colors that accentuate patio designs. 

The Apollo patio cover features a polycarbonate twin-wall and H-connector at its seams. This is the starter pergola cover that is mainly used for residential properties. The Apollo arbor cover is the pocket-friendly option rated for up to a category 3 hurricane and snow loads of up to 40psf when installed with adequate cross bracing.

The premium option, Hercules, is much stronger than the Apollo due to its quadruple-wall polycarbonate with standing seam orientation. This waterproof cover can withstand winds of up to 125mph and strong snow loads due to its sturdy and durable design and materials. The Hercules system is recommended for areas that experience extreme weather conditions. It is also worth noting that Cover Your Pergola is the only provider of the superior Hercules SkyPoly system.

As the leading supplier of top-grade pergola covers, Cover Your Pergola creates the best, most practical, and stylish products, evident in its Apollo and Hercules systems. Each system is created with innovation at each step and sets the standard for multi-function transparent roof covers. Cover Your Pergola merges functionality with style to meet client visions of their covered patio. The company also offers a 10-year warranty against leaks, color fading, and hail damage.

Furthermore, Cover Your Pergola provides in-depth information on its products and services through its blog and YouTube Channel. Clients can watch videos to understand each system and how these SkyPoly systems work. 

Visit Cover Your Pergola to learn about these SkyPoly systems or explore the 18-month financing option.

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